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Monday, October 11, 2010

Our First Field Trip!

Today we had our first field trip with our preschool. And do you know where we went? To a field! Well, we actually went to a farm, but there were fields there, too! All of our class was there, with some of their parents and siblings, too. Mommy didn't take a lot of pictures because it was so busy, but here are some that she got. Oh yeah, she also got a smudge on the camera lens, so some parts of the pictures aren't very clear. We have no idea how that would happen...

Hey - how did Elijah get to be the first picture of our field trip?! Here we are in a field 'picking' vegetables with our classmates:

We're lining up to go into the corn maze!

Elijah wasn't so impressed with the learning part of our day.

Here is Farmer Karen telling us about corn:

Yea! We all made it through the corn maze!
After the corn maze we got to ride on the train around the farm!

Here is a picture of all the kids that went on the field trip today - except for the babies. :)

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Papa's HOW Old?!

Yesterday we went to Papa and Nanny's house to celebrate Papa's birthday! We went to Uncle Larry's house last week to celebrate, but Papa wasn't there (we don't know how he could miss his own party!). Here is a picture of Elijah with Papa...he likes Papa the best of all! This is Papa looking at his birthday pie and the candles on it. Apparently he doesn't like to be reminded of how many years old he is.

Just in case you were wondering, this is how many he is now!
Happy Birthday, Papa! We love you!!

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It's My Party

Well, I didn't cry, but I was pretty tired by the end of my party! We had family over for Friday night (Pizza night) and then had my cake and opened presents. Since my first party was the football game, Mommy made me a football themed party for at home. She made a football cake for everyone to eat: This was the cake that I got to eat. Somehow I get the feeling that it was not as special as the one my brothers got. I don't mind, though...keep reading...

Here I am looking at my candle while everyone sings. I didn't try to blow out my candle. I was already getting tired by this point. My brothers helped me out!

Here I am inspectin the cake before it goes into my mouth:

Yes - it's ok!

But what is this mess on my hand?!

Last we opened presents. My brothers and cousins helped me out. I just wanted to sit on Mommy's lap and play with all my new things!

Thanks to all my family and friends for helping make my first birthday so very special!

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It's My Birthday!

Well, this was the day that I finally turned one! Daddy and Mommy planned a weekend trip to Tucson for my birthday! At least, I'm pretty sure it was all about me. For my birthday morning we got up and went to the Tucson Zoo. It was so hot, but we had fun anyway. We got to see some different animals that aren't in the zoo that is by our house. This was a funny looking bird. Mommy can't remember the name of it, but we thought it was interesting:

We got to see elephants, too!
I like the zoo, and it was even better since Papa and Nanny were with us!

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Big Birthday Party!!

Here I am getting ready to go to my birthday party! Mommy and Daddy took us to see the Iowa Hawkeyes for my birthday! Mommy's friend sent us shirts to wear, I borrowed this bib from Isaac, and we were ready to say, "GO HAWKS!" Here are my brothers ready for the game!
This is my birthday party!!

Daddy and Mommy said that I probably won't have another big birthday party like this one, but that's ok. I was tired and excited all at once, so I couldn't sleep even though it was late. My brothers loved the game and seeing football in person. Unfortunately our team didn't win (we're not sure what happened) this game, but we loved it anyway! Thanks for the big birthday bash, Daddy and Mommy!!

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Happy (Almost) Birthday!

In September I (Elijah) turned 1! We had a trip planned for my actual birthday, so we had a little early birthday party at Aunt Mary's house with A-Ma and A-Kong. Here I am checking out my birthday cake (I found out that I really like chocolate!): I was tired...

Thankfully my brothers helped me open my gifts, because I was just tired by the end of the evening. I love the new book I got, and just love to sit on Mommy's lap reading.

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Mommy Date!

One day in September Josiah had a doctor appointment, so I (Jonathan) stayed at home. Josiah and Elijah got to go with Mommy and after the appointment went to Red Robin to eat. When Mommy came home, I got to go out with her while Josiah and Elijah stayed home. What did we do? Well, we ran errands and stopped to get ICE CREAM! I love to run errands with Mommy! Of course, I had to have Mommy take a picture to send to Daddy!

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First Day of Preschool!!

The day finally arrived! It's our first day of preschool! We chose our clothes very carefully - Jonathan chose his Iowa shirt (Mommy is so proud!) and Josiah chose to dress up with a tie. :)
Here we are with our backpacks. They are bigger than we are!Jonathan:
Mommy told us we have to share our shoes. So here we are wearing one of each from two different pairs!
A hug for Baby Brother before we head out to school!

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We're Here!!!

Mommy took pictures of every part...Here we are in the car as we arrived at preschool! Jonathan getting out of the car:
Josiah getting out of the car:

No waiting for Mommy and Daddy - we're ready to go!
Finally in our classroom!!
We were fine while Mommy was there, but there were a few tears after she left. After that day, though, we've been excited to go back every single time!

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Happy Birthday, Isaac!

We got to go to our friend Isaac's birthday party! We went to McDonald's and ate, had cupcakes, and played. Mommy thinks that Isaac is just a blur in this picture, because that's kind of how he is - he just likes to run all over! Here's a picture of the birthday boy helping to hand out the cupcakes:
Here we are eating cupcakes!
Seriously, is there a better day than one where you get to wear a party hat?!

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Because we're four now - we get to go to preschool! We had an open house before our actual class started. Here we are after we made our name 'rays' to go on the class sun on the wall. They have our names, pictures, and decorations that we put on them. We are so excited for preschool and can't wait to start!!

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Monkey See...

Well, it's been almost a year, but Mommy finally took pictures of my room! Daddy, Mommy, and her friend Miss Valerie painted the room for me. Then Aunt Debbie and Nanny finished it out for my baby shower gift from them. Aunt Debbie put up all the decals and placed the pictures:
Nanny and Aunt Debbie made the curtains (they used a bunch of different kinds of ribbons to make the decorations on it), covered the chair and footstool, and got baskets for the changing table. Mommy forgot to take pictures of the changing table, but not much to tell there. :)
Daddy put together my crib and dresser, and Mommy and Daddy painted my changing table. The whole room was done with love by people who love me. Now if only Mommy would get some pictures of me up on the walls it would be perfect!

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These are cute pics that Mommy took one morning while we were eating breakfast. It also happens to be the day before Elijah turned 11 months. You'd never know from this picture that he's cutting one of those big front teeth! We know, there is food in our teeth. We don't care - we're happy!

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