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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Links on the Side

No, I'm not talking sausage (though that doesn't sound bad). :) I added another link to the sidebar - for our friend Jessi! She and her husband, James, are in our couples Bible study through church. It's been fun getting to know them over the past few months, and we look forward to continuing the friendship. Jessi and James have ties to Tillamook, WA, which is where Tillamook cheese comes from. That automatically puts them at the top of the list in our book! :)

Aunts and Uncles and Cousins

This past weekend we had visitors!! Mark's brother Tom, his wife Lynette, and their baby Caedmon came to visit! It was the first time we've seen Tom and Lynette in a couple of years, and the very first time for us to meet Caedmon and them to meet Jonathan and Josiah, and the first cousins play time ever. It was so fun to watch the boys play together - our boys were supposed to teach Caedmon how to crawl, and Caedmon was supposed to teach them to say their consonants. I don't think it quite worked out that way. :) Here are a couple of pics from Tom and Lynette:
Tom and Mark
Mary, Lynette, Jen
Jonathan, Caedmon, Josiah

Jonathan, Caedmon, Josiah

Unfortunately, Jonathan and Josiah were a little fussier than normal this weekend. :(

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New Posts

There are lots of new posts! Start after the Crawling post to go in order. Yes, Jonathan is crawling quite well, Josiah is getting his first tooth, Great Grandma Wohlford is visiting, Daddy is back in school, and Mommy confirmed yesterday that she is not a gardener. One of Mommy's goals for the week was to pull the weeds from her planters. She got to the very end and hadn't come across any snakes, scorpions, coyotes, bears, etc. living amongst the weedy mess. Then, when she was almost finished a HUGE white spider came crawling out of the brush that was left. Needless to say, that was the end of gardening for the day. The moral of the story: never send a this mommy to do a gardener's job. Oh yeah, it snowed here this weekend. :(

These are pics of Grandpa and Grandma's back yard while it was snowing...

Wake Up, Jonathan!

Jonathan fell asleep and Josiah wanted to play. The first squeal is Josiah trying to wake Jonathan, the next moans and whimpers are Jonathan's way of saying, "Leave me alone!!"

Playing with Grandpa and Grandma Video

We don't know what's funnier - watching Grandpa and Grandma or hearing the boys giggle!

Sleepy Time

Here are some pictures of us sleeping.

This was in the Pack and Play in Grandpa and Grandma's room. Josiah is on the bottom and Jonathan is crossed over him.

Unfortunately Josiah woke up first. He didn't like being pinned down! Hence, both brothers were awake and screaming. Someday he'll get even with Jonathan...

This was after a busy day with Great Grandma and Grandpa and Grandma Wohlford. Josiah and Grandpa were ready for their bedtime. :)

Jonathan's First Haircut

I think the curl is what pushed Mommy over the edge. :) It was definitely time for a Grandma and Great Grandma did the dirty work while Mommy tooke pictures. (Mommy didn't want to do it herself in case she screwed up - like what she did to Chloe.)

Kind of before...(or maybe in the middle of the act)

I'm an innocent victim...

Guess I just have to let them do it...Mommy won't rescue me.

Is it over??

Thanks, Grandma! I still look cute!

Jonathan's hair

This is Jonathan after Mommy gave him a bath. The front of his hair was so long it curled itself up. What is a good mommy to do but take pictures and laugh?!

4 Generations

Great Grandma Wohlford is visiting us! We're having lots of fun with her, too. She comes to our rescue when we're crying just as fast (if not faster) as Grandma Wohlford. We smile when we see her and we're not shy with her at all. We love her lots and lots!!Grandpa is trying to make us smile...Great Grandma and Mommy thought it was funny!Great Grandma Wohlford and Josiah

Great Grandma Wohlford and Uncle Larry

Josiah and Jonathan

Playing with Grandpa and Grandma

Grandpa and Jonathan

Grandma and Josiah

Getting tickled by Grandma

Jonathan's turn!

Grandma and Grandpa

Josiah and Jonathan

So much to blog...

And so little time. Here are the latest pics and updates from the House of Chang!
These are our 6 month pictures!

Josiah (L) Jonathan (R)



Friday, January 19, 2007


Yes, it's true! Jonathan is crawling! Great Grandma Wohlford, Grandma Wohlford, and Grandpa Wohlford have all been trying to help the boys transition from the awkward "getting the legs under me and then flinging my front half forward" stage to coordinating their arms with their legs. Yesterday afternoon Jonathan decided to show us that he's figured it out! The fun part is that he waited until Daddy got home so that he could be there for the momentous occasion! Way to go Jonathan!

p.s. Josiah isn't far behind - we expect he'll be chasing his brother in the next few days! Video to come...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


This was our official time! Apparently there were some electrical problems at the end of the 1/2 marathon course, so the times were approximate. They figured it all out so this is it...and I remind you to subtract the 10 minute porta-potty incident, and you get the actual walking time of 3:25:17. That brings our average walking speed to 15.6 minutes per mile. I know it's no record, and not really impressive to most runners/competitors. However, it's more than good enough for me! :)

Monday, January 15, 2007


This was my almost official time for the half marathon. If you take away the 10 minutes that we had to wait for a porta-potty, it's 3:36:43. Though our goal was only to finish, I was really hoping that we wouldn't finish last. :) The bad news: 18,468 people finished the 1/2 marathon before us. The good news is that 1,717 people finished after us! We pretty much kept on pace with our 'practice' times of 15 minute miles for the first 8 miles. After that they started to get longer. The last mile that I actually checked the time on we did in 18 minutes. What an accomplishmet!! I'm still sore from the walk, but the pain is getting less and less. Except for on the stairs. And when I bend down to pick up a baby. And when I get on the floor to play with the babies. And when I walk too fast. And when I don't move enough.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Yes, it's true! I finished the 1/2 marathon!!! WOO HOO!!! I'm tired and sore, but it was such a great accomplishment. Sheri and I helped to encourage each other through and we were able to finish the entire 13.1 miles. There's a lot to write about, and I'll post pics when I get them from Sheri's camera. :) I'm writing this post in blue, because it was SO COLD when we started....somewhere around 31 degrees, I think (and only 45 when we finished). Brrrr.... But we made it anyway!!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007


This is us with our Uncle Phil! He's visiting us for a few days. We love him so much. He's really funny and makes us laugh a lot. We wish Auntie Stella and Grandma Miriam could've been with us, too. Maybe another time...

Sharing Our Toys

Here's a picture of our friend Isaac sitting in one of our Bumbo seats. We're trying to learn how to share - but we're not very good at it yet. We think Isaac has some great facial expressions too. :)
This is Isaac in our play gym. Our mommy and his mommy were encouraging him to slobber on our toys since we like to slobber all over his. :)

Monday, January 08, 2007

Another Friend on the Side(bar)

Our friend Isaac got his own blog! He's one of our best friends here in AZ. His mommy and our mommy are going to walk the 1/2 marathon this Sunday. We've gone along with them on walks, but never for that far! Isaac's link is on the sidebar as Isaac (and family), not to be confused with the Isaac family. :) Check out his blog - we've already made it on there twice!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

6 month Check-up Day

Here we are on our 6 month check-up day! We think we're pretty big stuff being able to get up on our hands and knees! Mommy and Daddy think it looks like we're doing yoga - we've mastered the up dog and down dog! :) We were so happy to see Mommy because we thought she was going to pick us up, but she just wanted our picture. Immediately after she took this we started fussing because she walked away. She was just happy to get a good picture of us!

6 Month Check-Up

Today the boys had their 6 month check up.
Jonathan's stats:
26 inches tall
17 inch around head
16 lbs. 4 oz.

Josiah's stats:
25 1/2 inches tall
17 inch around head
15 lbs. 8 oz.

They are now in the 25th percentile for weight (they were around the 50th at the last appointment). They have the go-ahead to start solid foods. However, the doctor said he probably wouldn't introduce canned baby food meat because it reminds him of dog food and he wouldn't eat that. He gave them A+s for growth and development! They did get LOTS of shots this time. We hope that they handle those well and recover from them quickly! Way to go boys!

p.s. 6 month pics were taken and will be posted when we get them back...

UFC Infant Divison

(Ultimate Fighting Champion Infant Division)
aka A Picture of What's to Come....

Here's a little video clip of our boys 'wresting.' The first time I caught them wrestling I didn't have the camera handy (bad mom). This is kind of anti-climactic, but still cute!

I forgot to tell you on the last video you just click on the arrow to make it play. If it's slow the first time while it's loading, click play again and it should play smoothly.

White Elephant Gifts

This is the gift I 'won' at our white elephant gift exchange at my work Christmas party. If you can't read it in the picture, it says, "Just a little reindeer 'dropping' by to say Merry Christmas"
This is what the back looked like:

It was a carton of Whoppers with that creative little wrapping. Kind of disgusting, yet kind of cute...

The Votes are In!

After much deliberation and e-mail, phone, and blog input, here are the resuts of the vote:

No, the walls are not painted in their final color yet. This was just step one of our project - Magnetic Primer! It says on the can that it will dry "dark gray." That's only if by dark gray they mean black (aka ebony or midnight). As you saw in the previous pics, the whole backsplash and kitchen desk area is painted with the primer. It actually works - magnets hold to the walls!! The final color is going to be a shade of red. We haven't decided on that one yet. Thanks to all of you who voted, and to Patrice for trying to get us to not paint it black! :)

*disclaimer: This whole fun little tricky joke was Mark's idea... :)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Please Vote!!!

We are in the midst of our second painting project of the house (the first was the babies' room). We chose two colors and painted them both in the kitchen. Here are the results below...let us know which one you like best...we can't agree. :) The left side is ebony, the right side and bottom picture is midnight.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Quick Update

We had a wonderful Christmas! The boys got a lot of stuff - more toys than they know what to do with, clothes, etc. They were spoiled with love and attention from both sets of grandparents, too! They didn't really get the whole present thing, but they really liked the wrapping paper. Of course, everything went straight to the mouth. Their newest feat is rolling across a room, and Jonathan is well on his way to crawling. He gets himself up on all fours and now attempts to move. He isn't coordinated with it yet, but I fear he will figure it out soon! Josiah is right behind his brother in the crawling phase. He is happy to roll around - except when he gets stuck at the couch. Even then he's entertained for a little while. :)

They turned 6 months last week - I can hardly believe it! We got our 6 month pics taken - much easier than the 1 month pics! They both did great and even smiled for the camera. So far neither has teeth, but I think they're working on it, since chewing is their favorite thing to do right now.

I don't have pics to post right now - most of them are on Grandma Wohlford's camera. I promise to get them soon and post pictures. I am also experimenting with video on our little digital camera. The following post is dark, but the important part is their little giggles. I have one of them 'wrestling' which I'll post soon, too. It's a little anti-climactic, but I think it's funny and really shows what it's like in the Chang household! :)

Happy New Year!!!!


Here's our attempt at video on the blog. We were testing out the new stroller and captured this fun, giggly moment.