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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Mother's Son

This is me (Jonathan) while Mommy, Nanny, Aunt Mary, and Grandma Chang were trying to take my picture tonight. This is Mommy with Nanny three days after Mommy's third birthday.
I am definitely my mother's son!!

And if you were wondering, here is the picture of Mommy that actually ended up in the newspaper. Josiah and I think that they should've used the other one, though!

Birthday Outfits!

Tonight Nanny and Mommy wanted us to try on some of our birthday outfits.
Here is Jonathan in his favorite: And here is me in my favorite ... a birthday suit!!

Birthday Dinner!

Today was our birthday! We are now officially 3 years old, and we're big boys! I (Jonathan) did tell Mommy tonight at bedtime that I still want to be her baby, though. :)

Tonight we had Nanny, PaPa, Aunt Mary, and Grandma and Grandpa Chang at our house for dinner! Josiah requested spaghetti, and I requested "brown cake." Mommy made an actual brown cake, but then realized later I may have meant brownies. It was ok, the brown cake was really yummy, too.

Here is a picture of me enjoying my dinner:And Josiah enjoying spaghetti:
Here is us with our birthday cake that Mommy made (not really at all like the one at our party):We got three candles each, and everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to us!And here we are blowing out our candles: We had such a good birthday!

Another Cake?!

Mommy decided to make a cake for our actual birthday. She made it last night, and we were so excited about it! When she finished I (Josiah) asked if I could see it. When Mommy picked me up to look, she asked what it looked like. My first (and most obvious response) was cake. Then I guessed a few more things. She asked if I thought it looked like a train. My reply, "No!" They say honesty is the best policy, so Mommy, don't quit your day job. :) Tonight when Mommy got the cake out, Daddy asked Jonathan what it was. He said, "Train tracks!" but it sounded like "Train Wreck." I hope Mommy will still make us more cakes in the future. At least it tasted good!

Playing Games!

We are so thankful for all of the things that we got for our birthday. Here are some pictures of us playing with our new toys...

We solicit everyone who walks in the door to play our fishing game with us! Here is Aunt Mary watching us play. We caught the same fish - talk about teamwork! Daddy helped us to play with our new computer. It's so much fun, and we're starting to get the hang of using the mouse (you'd think we'd be better at it after all the blogging we do!).

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Birthday Party Day!!!

We have been so excited about our birthday party all month long! We were mostly excited that so many of our friends were coming to our house to celebrate with us. It was even better than we thought it would be! We had a Thomas the Tank Engine themed party and balloons, just like we asked for. Our grandparents, adopted grandparents, cousins Lilly, Elly, and Andrew, Aunties, and Uncles were there. It was the best! Mommy and Aunt Mary took lots of pictures of us enjoying our party. We hope our actual birthday is this much fun!!

Thomas Cake with 2 trains and two rings!!
A Pre-Party Brother Hug!!

Waiting to eat our food - really, did they need to take a picture of this?!

We were excited just to have our family at the party - it was extra special that they brought us presents! Note that Jonathan had an outfit change...there was a little mishap with a water cup at the end of lunch. :)
These two are from Auntie Michelle - a bowling set and explorer set!

This is our first computer from Grandpa Jim and Grandma Sharon. We think we heard Daddy and Mommy playing with it after we went to bed last night...

We got really cool Hawaiian outfits from Uncle Larry and Uncle Dave!

Jonathan is looking at the book that Cousins Caedmon and Libby got for us - I'm waiting to open the next presents...

Light Sabers from Grandpa Andy and Grandma Jan - we knew just what to do with these!

Giving Grandpa Andy a thank-you hug!

Cousin Lilly picked out a fishing game for us. We had played it at her house and she remembered how much we liked it. We have been playing it over and over today!

Glow-in-the-dark t-shirts from Auntie Deb and Uncle Jared (we wish they could've been at our party). They also gave us an inflatable rocket ship that we've been launching in the living room.

PaPa and Nannee gave us rock star guitars. We are really good at playing the guitar already!

Here we are getting ready to put the candles on our cake (and everyone was taking pictures again)!

A family photo:

Blowing out our candles:

Our mouths turned pink from the frosting!

We had so much fun at our party. Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate!! We think three is going to be a great year for us!!

Ding Bell!

On Friday we went with Daddy and Mommy to find a door bell for our new house! Daddy put it in the house and we FINALLY got to play in it!! Josiah keeps calling it a ding bell, but Daddy and Mommy say it's a doorbell. We don't care what it's called...we just want to play! Here are a few pictures of the first time we got to play in our house:
Ringing the ding bell:
May I take your order?
Play House or Jail House?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Daddy Built a House!

One night while we were sleeping Daddy and Mommy started working on a present for our birthday...a play house! Mommy forgot to take pictures in the beginning, but here is the work in progress: Just a tiny bit of all the wood that went into the building of our house:

The (almost) finished product:
Daddy is going to take us to buy a doorbell for our house (we already told him that is what is missing). There is also a bench that goes inside, too. We're so excited to play with our house when it is finished. What a great birthday present!!!

Can I Pet the Baby?

On Tuesday we got to go to the hospital to see Miss Sheri, Mr. Matt, and meet Baby Anna! It was so much fun! We are so excited to have our own baby in the house. Mommy could hardly get a picture of the baby that didn't have us in it!

Here is Isaac meeting his baby sister:
Isaac inspecting baby Anna:

Hey, I think I like her!
We were so good at the hospital. Mommy held Anna for a while, and then I (Jonathan) asked so nicely if I could pet the baby. Mommy told me that we don't usually pet babies, but we could touch her hands. We counted her fingers and toes. Guess what - they're all there! Then I asked Mommy if I could hold the baby. I sat very still and Mommy helped me hold the baby. I LOVED it! I can't wait until our baby comes! My brother did a good job, too. He wasn't quite as gentle with her, but he held her and told Mommy everything she was doing. He likes to tell everyone else that the baby burped. :)

After our day out we came home and played some more. Mommy was tired, and so we got to put on our jammies after dinner and watch part of Finding Nemo together. We're so glad that Isaac got to come and play and stay with us!
Congrats to Matt, Sheri, and Isaac on the birth of Baby Anna. We are so thankful that everyone is at home and doing well now! Welcome to the world, baby Anna!


This past Sunday Isaac came over to stay with us for a couple of days since his Daddy and Mommy were going to the hospital to wait for baby Anna to be born. We had lots of fun with Isaac, and even started to get better about sharing our toys with him. Here is a picture of all of us reading with Daddy: On Monday Nolan and his mommy came over to play with all of us. It was a NOISY house of boys! We had lots of fun playing together! Here's Isaac making a funny face:
Sometimes we like to pretend we're sleeping. We decided to get a blanket and take the pillows off the couches and have reading and nap time together. We didn't really fall asleep - just pretended to!

After Mommy and Miss Christine made us pick up all of the toys (we had them ALL out), we decided to play on the couch together. Who knew we could have so much fun without toys??
Here Mommy got all of us together ... and smiling!!

Dessert with Friends

We've had such a busy couple of weeks! Last week we had our friends Jesse and Alex and their mommy and daddy come over so we could introduce them to some of our other friends. Jesse and Alex are friends from the multiples club, and their family is moving to HONDURAS!! Mommy and Daddy are excited about what they are doing, so we invited a bunch of friends to come over and hear about their plans. We had lots of fun - there were 9 other kids at our house to play with. Here are some pics of us. Mommy couldn't get us all in one picture because we were running around SO fast!After the adults were done talking they let us back into the house. This is Mr. Matt reading to us. Can you find him in the pile of boys??Jonathan inspecting Daddy's coffee...Miss Sheri told Josiah to open his eyes wide for the picture. This is what he thinks 'open wide' means: