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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another New Friend

Mommy added another link on our sidebar. She thinks this is still her blog, but she's wrong. We're letting her put it there because it's the blog of one of our friends, Jack. Check out his mommy's blog on the side and you may just get to see a picture of Mommy, too!

You Want to Be-What Me???

This is a little late coming, but here is a picture of our newest friend, Mylei Elizebeth! She was born on July 17, (the same as Miss Rosie's birthday!) to our friends Mr. James and Ms. Jessi. Her mommy has a blog, but we think that Mylei can take over that just like we took over our mommy's blog without any trouble at all. Last week Mylei's mommy wrote to say that she thinks that Mylei and I (Josiah) should be betrothed! I don't know what that means, but it sounds serious and maybe even a little painful. Anyway, we're so excited that she's finally here!
Welcome to the world, Mylei!!

Silly Grandma!

We got to go to the airport to say good-bye to Grandma. We didn't like the idea of her leaving, but she helped to make the ride there fun. We were playing with our hats and she started to play right along with us! Luckily Mommy takes the camera everywhere with us, so we got a couple of cute pictures of it:

Mommy says that I (Jonathan) look like a little ham here. I don't know what she means!
Here is Grandma being silly with us! We just love Grandma!

We Love Grandma!

Last week Grandma Chang came to visit us! We had lots of fun with her. Unfortunately you can't tell by the pictures we took, because Josiah wouldn't sit still or smile. Thanks for coming to see us, Grandma!!

More Birthday, Please

Last week we got to go to Toys R Us and celebrate our birthday - again! They have this cool thing where you go in and they give you a crown, balloon, and then announce that it's your birthday over the loudspeaker. We loved the attention and especially like the balloons. Here are a couple of pictures: Here we are with Grandma Chang:

Monday, August 18, 2008

Nap Time...Yeah, Right!

Today Daddy and Mommy thought we should take an afternoon nap. Mommy heard us playing in our room, and here is what she found when she came in to get us: All of the things on the floor started out in our beds!

As you can see, we threw EVERYTHING out of our beds, except the important things - Monkey and Blankies. We didn't fall asleep until right before Mommy came to get us. It looks like afternoon nap time is coming to an end. :)

You Put Your Whole Self In

Thanks to our friends Mr. Jason and Mrs. Julie we got a bunch of 'new' things, including this toy box! We are very good about putting our toys away when we're finished playing, but we really like taking all the toys out and putting ourselves in the box!

Family Night!

Last weekend we celebrated Uncle Larry's birthday (we would tell you how old he is, but we can't count that high) and Daddy and Mommy's 5th anniversary. It was a fun party and we even got to go swimming!! Here was an especially intriguing part of the party - her name is Cully, and she is a talking bird: She only said "Hello" to us, but Mommy apparently she says a lot of other things. We also got to see three cats - which we loved!

And of course, here are some cute pictures of us:

Monkey See...

We went to the zoo last week and got to see a tiny baby monkey! The baby came and looked right at us! We love monkeys, so this was a special treat. Here is the picture that Mommy took of the monkey:

Sometimes They Come Back

We told you that George Doggie went to live with Aunt Mary a few weeks ago. Well, he came back. And then he went back to Aunt Mary's. And then he came back to us again! Welcome Home, George!

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Today we had our visit with the pediatric allergist. We liked him a lot! It was those nurses who did all the mean stuff...We talked with the doctor, he looked us over, and then he left and the nurses came in and did this to us:
We got tested for the 8 main food allergies, as well as tomato and strawberry. As you can see from the top picture, I (Josiah) am highly allergic to #6, peanuts. Jonathan is the bottom picture, and he didn't react much at all! We both did a great job and were very good boys. Now Daddy and Mommy just have to figure out how to get me through life with a peanut allergy.

And yes, Mommy takes our camera everywhere! It usually stays in the diaper bag, which is how we got pictures in the hospital, too. Mostly she just wants to be prepared for a cute moment, and we can have them anywhere, anytime! :)

Nana's Helpers

Yesterday morning Mommy took us to Nana and Papa's house, and then I (Jonathan) got to go with Mommy to her staff meeting. When we got back to Nana and Papa's, Nana let us help her make bread pudding. Here we are helping:
It looks like we're helping here, right?!

Our bread pudding turned out really yummy! We finished helping Nana and then we went home, only to return later...see the next post for details...

...And Back We Went

We were eating lunch at home and then Mommy started getting all jumpy. We don't really know what happened, but the next thing we knew Papa was at our house and we were getting in the car. Mommy took a couple of pictures as she tried to bravely play exterminator. This is what she was after:
Mommy is not ashamed to say that she is very afraid of bugs. Especially big bugs. Where we live there are lots of big bugs and creepy crawlies. We have people come and spray our yard and house every month so that Mommy doesn't have to be scared. However, the neighbors don't all spray, so sometimes the neighbor bugs come and play at our house. Mommy doesn't like that. Mommy couldn't tell where the bug went, so she called Papa to come and look for it and help her to get it. He came over, but didn't find the bug. So yes, it's true, we packed up quickly and returned to Nana and Papa's house until Daddy got home.

The good news is that Mommy is a good exterminator, even if Grandpa isn't a good hunter. Daddy got home and found the (former) bug under the couch. He called to let Mommy know that it was safe to come home. Today our friend John is coming to make sure that there aren't any other of this bugs friends in our house. The moral of the story...well, there isn't one. We just hope you don't think less of Mommy.

A Good and Giggly Day

Last week we spent an afternoon with our friend Isaac. First, we met him and his mommy at WalMart to eat lunch and do pick up a couple of things from the grocery area. Here I (Josiah) am eating a hamburger:
Here is Isaac in the middle of eating chicken nuggets with ketchup:
Then we went back to Isaac's house and played for a while. We had lots of fun and got into a giggling fit. Here is my brother posing:
Here are the three of us sitting in two chairs:
This picture is blurry, but we think it's funny. Jonathan is grinning as he's hiding Isaac, and me, well, you can ignore me. :)
Here we are all laughing about how funny we are! Can't you just hear us?!

Last but not least, you can actually hear us in the video of us giggling and playing. We crack ourselves up!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Whose Blog?!

Well, Mommy apparently thinks this is her blog, because she keeps adding things that don't really pertain to us on our sidebar. Now she put something called a Cool Mom Picks button on the side. She says it's a link to a website with trendy things from trendy places, built with moms and kids in mind. Check it out, and let Mommy know if you like it!