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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Grace and Truth

We went to story time at the library and then played at the park last week. When we got to the park we found our friend Grace and her mommy there. This is what Grace told her daddy about us later that day:

"We went to the park today and saw the people with the kids on the leashes!"

Table Tent?

We think it's so fun to play under the table - and really lots of fun when there's a table cloth to 'hide' under. Here is a little video of our latest game!

I Think It's Nap Time

I (Josiah) have had a cold the last week. I think that I don't really need naps any more, especially when I'm not feeling well. The other day Mommy and Daddy were doing dishes after we ate and turned around and found me sleeping in my high chair. Maybe I need little naps after all.

Poppa's Little Helper

The other weekend we had a minor emergency at Nana and Poppa's house. There was something stuck in the garbage disposal (or the pipes) and the water kept backing up into the sink. Our friends Nana Connie and Poppa Tom were there and they all decided we had to fix the sink. Eventually we just let the Poppas do the fixing, but I (Jonathan) thought I could help, too. Here are the pictures that Mommy took from the big event:
It all got resolved and the sink is as good as new now! You can thank me later...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Double Double

Yesterday we went to our friends Morgan and Makenzie's house to play! The are just a few weeks younger than us. They are lots of fun to play with and our mommies like to visit while we play. It's a win-win situation! Here are some pics that Mommy took:

Makenzie: Morgan:

All four of us sitting/standing/bouncing/climbing on their chairs:
Josiah and Morgan seem to have a special fondness for each other. We think we even caught Morgan giving him a kiss when she thought we weren't looking!Makenzie really liked jumping/bouncing on the chairs!
Jonathan sitting in their brother, Declan's, chair:
Josiah in Morgan's chair (Morgan and Makenzie are on the window sill). :)

A Day with Mommy

We are finally getting back to "normal" at the House of Chang. The other day Mommy had a full day alone with us and decided to take some pictures and videos for fun. We were quite entertaining on that particular day! :)

Here is Jonathan just looking cute!
This is me (Josiah) doing one of my favorite things and a new thing:
I'm watching Backyardigans (one of my favorite things), and putting a coin from our fisher price piggy bank down my shirt (a new thing). I decided on this particular day to be a human piggy bank. Mommy thought t was pretty funny...and a little strange. If you notice, I have at least one sock off and one pant leg pulled up, too. I don't mind that. I think it's a statement.

Here is a video of the coin stashing:

Jonathan wanted to be as cute, so he was blowing kisses:

(and I still had my hand down my shirt)

Then we played one of our favorite new games - climb on the ottoman, slide off, climb back get the picture. In this video I climbed up and tried to get my brother's attention:

This last video of us is after Mommy pulled my pant leg down. Jonathan wanted his pulled down, too, but it was already there! So he was trying to get Mommy's attention by kicking his leg out. We thought it was fun to do and decided to add it to our collection of dance moves!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jonathan and the Slide

Here's a video of Jonathan going down the 'big' slide. At the end you can hear him saying, "More!"

Playground Time!

The evening before Great Grandma flew back to Illinois we got to go for dinner with all the family. We went over to a playground across from Uncle Larry's house and we got all the big people to play with us on the playground equipment!

Josiah decided he didn't really want to go down the slides. He chose Uncle Dave as his best friend for the afternoon:

I (Jonathan) am now old enough to go down the slide by myself. Mommy helped me get to the top, and then I pushed her arms away and slid down. Daddy caught me at the bottom, but I don't think I really needed him to.

Here is a picture of me and one of the bouncy toys (anyone know what those are called??).
Uncle Dave and Uncle Larry sat with us on them first:
Here I am signing "more" because it was so much fun!
The playground was covered with sand, so Unclke Larry taught us how to write in the sand:
Daddy took Josiah down the big slide (I still went by myself on that one - I am two minutes older than him, so I'm a little more mature).We both wanted Uncle Dave to walk us home:

Isaac Came to Play...

And Play, we did! We had almost a whole day with Isaac. We played together, went to Target, played some more, and he got to see both of us get time-outs! Well, the Target and time-outs weren't quite so fun for us. Daddy and Mommy agreed that Isaac was better behaved over all than we were. Oh well. Here is a picture of us being good: And Isaac being silly:

And Isaac not really wanting to share:We really did have a fun day with him and hope we get to spend more time together this year!

Shopping Trip?!

We met up with Isaac, his mommy, his auntie and his Grandma and went shopping! We didn't really go shopping - we went playing and did a little shopping in between. We really enjoyed the play area since we're getting better and climbing and running. Here are some pictures from our fun time:
Jonathan (in yellow and blue) and I (Josiah in red and blue) playing on our favorite thing there - the fire truck! Here we are inside the truck - and some other boy decided to smile for Mommy's picture, too!
Here I am on the bridge! I didn't really get up there by myself. Miss Sheri helped me to the top and then ducked down so it looks like I'm a big boy! You can see the top of Isaac's head if you look closely. :)
Here we are with Isaac. You can just barely see Jonathan's head in this picture.

Wedding Bells!

On the first Saturday of January Daddy and Mommy left us with Nana and Poppa. They thought that they should have a date or something. Anyway, they went to a movie and then went to a wedding. We don't know why they didn't take us. We're sure we could've sat through the whole thing and only yelled a few times! :) Daddy and Mommy said it was one of the prettiest weddings that they've been to (and they've been to a lot of them!!).

Our mommy's friend Sari got married and Daddy and Mommy got to go. Mommy and Miss Sari were friends from college and they both ended up living out here in Arizona! We can't wait to meet Mr. Brent! Here is a picture of Miss Sari and Mommy: Miss Sari is Jewish, so they incorporated some of the Jewish traditions into their wedding and wedding reception. Here they are being hoisted in the air on chairs during Hava-Nagilah (we wish we could have been there for that - it looks like fun!).
Congratulations Sari and Brent!!!

Starting the New Year Right

We didn't get to stay up to welcome in the new year. We don't think we'd make it that late, anyway. On New Year's Day we went to Nana and Poppa's house and had brunch with our cousins and Uncle Dale and Aunt Judy. Before we ate they let us play in the fountain! That's what we call starting the new year off right!! This is Ellie, us, and Lilly at the fountain. We all loved it!

Great Grandma Wohlford helped us color with our new crayons that we got for Christmas. We did what any boys would do - first figured out how to pull the crayons out of their holders. Luckily for Mommy, the crayons are washable! As you can see, Great Grandma let us sit in the big chairs at the table. Don't we look innocent here??

After Christmas...

We got to spend a lot of time with Grandpa and Grandma Chang. We also got to see Aunt Mary, too. She introduced us to the yo-yo. As you can tell from this picture, we really liked it! We went over to where Uncle Dale, Aunt Judy, Britni and Ryan were staying and Uncle Dale made us YUMMY dinner. The house where they stayed had a pool, putting green, and game tables. We got to try golfing for the first time!!
It was easier to pick up the golf ball and put it in the hole than it was to use the putter.

We think we may have a future in golfing! We got to watch Mommy's cousins play air hockey and we thought that was one of the funniest things ever! Maybe Daddy and Mommy will get us an air hockey table soon.

Evan Elizabeth

This is Evan Elizabeth! She came into the world on December 30, 2007, but on the other side of the world! Her mommy and our mommy went to college together. We don't know if we'll go to college with her, but we hope so. She's so pretty...and really tall. She was 23.5 inches long when she was born! We hope we get to meet her someday soon! Welcome to the world, Evan Elizabeth!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Moms Have Favorites?

Papa got this shirt and Great Grandma laughed, but nobody ever heard her say it wasn't true...

Nothing Says Love Like...

A hand-crafted Duct Tape Wallet!

Aunt Debbie gave Uncle Larry this made-from-the heart gift. Here is the photo documentation of the making of the wallet: Look how serious Deb and Papa are about the project:
*Part of the directions actually said, "Fold in half like a hot dog bun." Here's Uncle Larry's smile of appreciation for the thoughtful gift.

Christmas Evening

We spent Christmas evening at Uncle Larry's with lots of family and friends. We got spoiled, of course, but mostly we just had fun being together. Everyone gave gifts, but we found that the gift-giving in this family is, well, interesting. Here are some examples:

How many twins do you see???

Some of Uncle Larry's friends gave him and Dave matching flannel shirts. They actually put them on and let us take a picture of all the twins in the family!

Isn't it lovely?

Uncle Larry has a whole bunch of teapots on the shelf in the kitchen. They keep getting more and more unique. Now whenever people see these types of unique teapots, they think of Uncle Larry and he get to add to his collection. We think they both look happy about it!

Christmas Afternoon

We spent the afternoon at Aunt Mary's, where we got to open more presents. She got us a little basketball, soccer ball and football (all little and spongy material). We think those are so much fun! It's especially good because we can kind of say the word "ball" when we want them! Here I am with Aunt Mary, sharing one of my toys: Aunt Mary had this wonderful dessert called "Skinny Cow." It is an ice cream sandwich that we came to know and love! Here are my brother and I asking oh so politely for Aunt Mary to share with us...
When we went back to Aunt Mary's another day, we almost couldn't contain ourselves when she pulled the box of Skinny Cows out of the freezer! What a great Christmas!!

Christmas Morning

On Christmas morning we got to open presents at home! It was lots of fun, and we had had enough practice that we knew exactly what to do: Though the toys were lots of fun...

The boxes seem just as fun to us!
For Christmas Jonathan gave me a special present:
Those are his teeth marks on my chin. Mommy was making a yummy dessert and Daddy was sending an e-mail. They heard my scream and this is what they found. I didn't thank my brother for this present.