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Friday, October 20, 2017

The Takeover

This blog is being taken over by the Changs who are not yet old enough to vote. It will be monitored by those who are old enough to vote. That being at your own risk.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Watching Shamu!

Friday, October 14, 2011

San Diego and the USS Midway

Daddy finished his last class - and his second bachelor's degree!! Not only that, but it was our fall break at the same time. To celebrate it all, we went to San Diego...and took Nanny and Papa with us! Papa and Nanny left on Friday morning...and took Elijah with them. I (Josiah) was star student of the week, so I got to take a special treat in to school on Friday afternoon. Daddy and Mommy brought in otter pops and then we left school after snack time. We drove with them and met Papa and Nanny in San Diego.

On Saturday we went to SeaWorld! It was so fun to see all of our favorite shows...including Shamu Rocks!! We were SO tired on Sunday from our long day at SeaWorld. We went to see the USS Midway that morning. The USS Midway is a big aircraft carrier that was actually used in the wars. It has tons of planes on it and we got to see all parts of it and how sailors lived on it. Here we are in the hangar. This is Eljiah and Daddy in the cockpit of a plane:Elijah trying to get himself buckled in to a pilot's seat:
Elijah listening to the tour:
Wow - a big jet! I wonder if this one is like the ones that fly over our house?
Filling in our test answers so we can earn our honorary pilot wings:

We found seats in the ready room!
The workers wear all different colors on the deck so that they know what each other's jobs are. It's too loud for them to talk out there when the jets are flying around.
That's a lot of buttons!
Jonathan thinks it stinks in here...Mommy thinks someone with a lot of cologne was in there before us...

Oh no! We got thrown in the brig!
We had a great trip to San Diego. Unfortunately we were all sick during fall break. Hopefully we'll get to do some fun things next week when we have early dismissal at school for three days. We really want to go to San Diego again. Maybe you can help convince Daddy and Mommy to take us one more time this year...

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Another Busy Weekend

It seems to be a pattern that we have BUSY weekends around here. On this particular one, Mommy decided to cut my bangs...They weren't too bad, but I can't wait for Miss Diana to be ready to cut my hair again! Daddy was off work because he was supposed to be doing his final project for school. He took some time to go with me and Mommy to get my two year old pictures taken.
When we got done with pictures we went out to eat for lunch. Daddy and Mommy liked it a lot! I was just hungry. :)

When Mommy picked up my brothers from school, Josiah had Clifford!! We got to spend an entire weekend with Clifford! Here is Clifford at the post office with us:
We went to Macayo's for dinner and brought Clifford there, too:
Clifford likes margaritas. I'm not sure why he got to try it but I didn't.
Clifford went to soccer with Josiah. He got to play goalie!
On Sunday it was Papa's birthday, so Clifford got to go to the birthday party, too!
We had a great weekend. I wonder if Daddy got his project done in between all those activities?!

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Papa's Super Power

On Tuesdays I get to go spend the morning with Papa while Mommy goes to volunteer at my brothers' school. One Tuesday Mommy came back to find this:If you can't tell...I'm face the other way from the camera. Mommy was impressed and mystified at how Papa did that...he is one talented guy!

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Take My Picture, Mommy!

When Mommy and I go out I always want her to take my picture. Sometimes she complies, and this time she not only did it, but is posting my cuteness for you!

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Terrific Two?!

Today I turned two!!! Here is the first thing that happened when Mommy brought me downstairs on my birthday morning:The saying is "Terrific Twos," right?!

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Monkey Party!

On my birthday I got to have a monkey party! I got to sit at the big boy table with my brothers since I'm 2 now! Here we are eating:This is a picture of some of the people who were at my party:
Here are the monkey cake pops ready to be served!

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Presents for Me?!?

After we ate there was a HUGE stack of presents on the table...all for me! I was so excited when I started to open them! My brothers were excited, too!Then Cousin Andrew got in on the fun!
I got the hang of it pretty fast.

And I got bored with it eventually. Thankfully my brothers were more excited than I was.

I got a scooter from Grandpa Jim and Grandma Sharon! I started out riding it sitting down...
But figured out quickly to make it go standing up!
One of my other favorite gifts was a light saber just like my brothers have!

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Cake Time!

I got my own cupcake with a #2 candle on it!I blew out the candle all by myself, too!

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Say Cheese, Please

Well the day ended on a good note! I had a great birthday, and was so happy...and it may have had something to do with all the sugar I had. :) At the end of the day Mommy wanted to get a picture of me. I don't think she remembered what it is like to try to get a picture of a well-sugared two-year-old, though.

And then, of course, my brothers just had to be in the picture, too...
This is as cute as it gets, Mommy!

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Monkey Cake Pops

Thanks to Miss Chrissy for some cake pop tips and for a box to hold them. Mommy finished my monkey cake pops the day before my party. I can't wait to eat them!

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Friday Fun!!

On Fridays Mommy and I got to play with our friends Miss Chrissy and Morgan. Morgan and I play SO well together. Here we are 'sharing' her car. She was being a little bashful, but as you can see by my face I just adore her!My brothers had their first fundraising project for school. One of the incentives was that if they got a bunch of postcards sent out they would get a ninja duck and splatter egg. Here they are with their ninja ducks...Thanks to our friends and family!!