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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ice Cream and Pay Back Time

Yesterday was so much fun! Aunt Debbie came over in the afternoon and we got to play with her. Then we all went to Nana's house and she gave us ice cream cones - CHOCOLATE this time! We think chocolate is pretty great! Unfortunately, we were still wearing our clothes while eating the ice cream. That made for a BIG mess!

Josiah (L): "This is soooooooo good!!!" Jonathan (R): "Where shoud I bite next?"
Josiah: "What do you mean I look like a clown, Aunt Debbie?"

Jonathan (L) Josiah (R): "Where are you, Nana? Let us in!"
Jonathan: "This is payback for last weekend!!!!"
Jonathan: "Where did the water go, Nana?"

"Oh - there it is!"Jonathan: "Hey Josiah - I think it's dirty over here, too!"Josiah: "It's a good thing we've strategically placed our wash cloths while Mommy is taking pictures."

Jonathan: "Yeah - she better not put these on the internet, though!"

Mommy's Birthday

We mentioned that it was Mommy's birthday. Nana actually got some pictures of Mommy, so we thought we'd post those. People keep saying it's hard to find pictures of Mommy and Daddy on our blog. They must not realize that it's now our blog (did it even exist before us????).

Here are pictures of us helping Mommy blow out her one big birthday candle. Apparently it's a tradition in our family to put whatever candle you can find on the birthday cake (remember Michelle's birthday?!). As you can see, we tried to help, but I (Jonathan) got bored with it after a while...I'm still in the picture, though! :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Good Clean Fun

Well, we don't know exactly how clean, but it was lots of fun! We had dinner at Nana and Papa's to celebrate Mommy's **** birthday. We don't really know how old she is because we can't count that high (we've only gotten to one so far). Here is the best part of the party:

Just Plain Fun

Here is a video of us playing with Nana and Papa. The two ladies that you see in the video that you probably don't recognize are Linda and Linda who came to visit from Illinois. We all had dinner together, and then this was our after-dinner entertainment. :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Play Dough!!

The other day Mommy made her first attempt at making play dough. She had never done it, and was surprised to find out how easy it was! The only problem is that she didn't add enough food coloring fast enough and we ended up with PINK play dough. Mommy - we're not girls!!! Here are some pictures of us (with Daddy and Mommy) playing with the play dough.

Josiah: "What do I do with it, Mommy? How about you make things and I'll take them apart?" Jonathan: "Daddy made a hot dog!"
Josiah: "I don't know about this stuff!"

I'm Nana's Favorite!

My brother wrote a post the other day saying that he was Nana's favorite. He is wrong. I (Jonathan) am definitely the favorite!! Nana took me last Friday for an afternoon alone with her. We made Ginger cookies and then she let me run around in my diaper! (I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that my clothes were covered in cookie dough.) She also left the back door open so I could play in the back outside and then run inside and play there and let me have an ice cream cone!! I'm sure that I'm Nana's favorite now!!

(Papa took this picture...see his finger?!) "Hey Nana, how does this work?"
"You should try this! Cookie dough is so good!"
"Okay, I'll eat it if you insist."
"Here Grandma Sharon, have one of the cookies I made!"
"I think I had better eat one, too."
"Time for an ice cream cone! Thanks, Nana!!"


The other morning Daddy and Mommy let us have cereal with milk for breakfast. They also let us eat with only our diapers on! It was great! Here are some of the pictures Mommy took (we don't know why she always has the camera attached to her arm...)

Jonathan: "How did that Cheerio get stuck on my chest?!" Josiah: "You want me to actually use the spoon?"
Jonathan: "You're right, Josiah. The spoon is way over-rated!"Josiah: "Guess what's in my hand, Mommy!"
Jonathan: "That was so funny, Josiah!"
Josiah: "Ok, I'll try the spoon again. Here I go!!"