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Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm Nana's Favorite

Last week it was finally confirmed that I (Josiah) am Nana's favorite! I got to spend all afternoon with Nana - all by myself!! Nana came and picked me up and we went back to see Papa and eat lunch. Then we went to Grandpa Jim and Grandma Sharon's house and I got to play outside and play with the toys there - and I didn't have to share them! Then we came back to Nana's house and we made cookies. Here are the pictures that Nana took:

"MMM...I LOVE cookie dough!! I can get the whole scoop in my mouth!" "Licking the dough off of this scooper is great."
"Did I get it all??"
"Hey Nana - I think there's more in this big bowl. Do you want me to stir it?"
"I'm going to eat one of the cookies straight out of the oven. Oops - you caught me!"
"I'm a great cookie maker!"
As you can see from these pictures, I
had a great time!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Our Second Easter

This year Easter was so much fun! Here are the pics and videos (yes, there are a lot, but they're all short and worth watching). We had a SMASHING time and hope you enjoy seeing our smiling faces. If you want to start from the beginning, you have to scroll down, though, because they're in reverse chronological order. We think you're smart and can figure it out. :)

Jonathan and Josiah

Easter, Part 6

Well, technically it wasn't Easter, but the day after Easter. Mommy's cousin Justin flew in to Phoenix over his Spring Break (whatever that means). We went down to see him, Uncle Larry, and Uncle Dave. We went to the playground across from Uncle Larry's and played in the sand with our new buckets and shovels from Easter! It was lots of fun, and Cousin Justin was a great playmate!

As you can see, we got really good at filling up the buckets with sand. I (Jonathan) went down the slide a couple of times, but then decided that playing in the sand was way more fun! Thanks for playing, Cousin Justin!!

Easter, Part 5

This is just a cute picture of me (Josiah) with Uncle Dave ...and a bunch of other people's feet.

What's So Sparkling About That?!

(a.k.a. Easter, Part 4)

Grandpa Jim and Grandma Sharon came over to see us on Easter, too! They brought us Goldfish crackers, which is one of our favorite snacks! Grandma Sharon had Sparkling water in her bottle instead of regular water. We decided to try it, and here was the result:
You have to forgive Mommy's video-taking ability (or lack thereof), she was shaking from laughter and couldn't keep it mean of her to laugh...

And yes, we did keep going back. But notice that I (Josiah) attempted to put the lid on it so that we wouldn't be tempted anymore.

Easter, Part 3

The Easter Bunny also came to Haus Wohlford and left us Easter Baskets there. We had loved the toys that he left for us! As you can see, I (Jonathan) didn't take the time to read the message board that said this basket was Josiah's. :) Josiah checking out his basket after I got finished with it. All that was left was the grass in the bottom to shovel out... You can see me in the background trying to get the stylus adjusted just right so I can write with it:

Easter, Part 2

The rest of the day we spent with family at Papa and Nana's house. We had a birthday party for Daddy and Aunt Debbie, so we got lots of yummy food (including birthday Apple Dumplings and birthday Ice Cream Cake). Then we got to hunt for more Easter Eggs. The eggs that the Easter bunny left at Papa and Nana's house weren't plastic, though...

As you can see from the videos, we were way too excited to take time to be delicate with the eggs. That's why they come with shells, right?!
*Did you notice that we switched baskets?! I (Jonathan) have the blue one, and Josiah has the green one. :)

Easter, Part 1

We really liked Easter this year! Last year we were a little too young to fully understand what it was, but now we know! We went to church on Saturday and heard about Jesus, which was really cool. We learned a new song about Him and everything.

Then on Sunday we got to go to Nana and Papa's, but not like on most Sundays!! First of all, Daddy didn't have to work! That was awesome. Then we went to Grandpa Andy and Grandma Jan's and the Easter Bunny had visited their house. We found little plastic eggs all over their yard...and there was CANDY in them! He also left buckets so we could collect the eggs, and books and shovels in the buckets, too. Can you tell who is who? These are outfits from Uncle Phil, Auntie Stella, and Grandma Miriam. If you think we look cute here, you should see us with the matching hats on!
*Josiah had the blue bucket and Jonathan had the green bucket

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Marching On...

It's been a long time since we've had time to post. We were sick with colds for all of February. Now it's March and we've been busy, busy, busy! The weather is great and we've been on the move. Unfortunately, Mommy forgot the camera when we went to the zoo and also the mutiples club Spring Party. You'll just have to believe us when we say that both events were fun! Keep reading for the latest updates and pics of us. Thanks for checking in on us!

J & J

Baseball Game 2008

Today we went to a baseball game! Here is a picture of us at a game a year ago: And here we are this year:
We've grown so much in a year! This year we watched a little bit of the game, but mostly sat and played with Daddy and Mommy's water bottles and straws. We heard a rumor that there were two home runs and lots of scoring. We don't know. We just liked being outside.
Here is a picture of the field. You can kind of see the baseball that they mowed into the middle of the outfield:
Here we are with Uncle Dave and the water bottles. These are the same hats we wore last year that were too big - they're a little bit small this year.
Here's another picture of us from last year:


Apparently before we came along this blog had lots of pictures of our doggies on it. Here is a video of us saying, "Dog" and saying what a dog says (pant-pant-pant), and some pictures of Chloe and George.



George used to be shy and timid. He's not that way anymore! He's a total puppy. They are such good dogs - they let us play with them, sit on them, pull their tails, and pet them. Usually we're nice to them, but it's so easy to get carried away! We think that they aren't so happy about being 'replaced' by real babies, but they handle it pretty well. :)

Sweet N Sour

Yes, we're sweet, and yes, we fight. Here is the photo proof (timeline - 3 minutes):

2:35 - Jonathan: "Look at how cute I am, Mom!"
2:37 - Me (Josiah): "I had it first! Mom, Help!!" 2:38 - Jonathan: "Mom, I really wanted that book, too!"
2:38 - Me: "I won! Probably because I'm the cute one."

I Scream, You Scream

We LOVE ice cream! Nana gave us our first ice cream cone last weekend! The sad part was that we had to share it. As you can see, we didn't care because we were so happy to have it!!


(Jonathan is signing "again")


Two happy boys and Nana:


We always have fun playing with Nana. We like to feed her and share our drinks, too. Here we are sharing our water with our teddy bear:

Sorry if the file isn't very clear - Mommy accidentally switched the setting on the video on the camera. Oops! :)

The Fab Four - Back together

We are finally healthy again, so we got to have a play date with Nolan and Isaac! It was so much fun to be with them again. Nolan is now walking and can defend himself against us. Thanks for sharing your toys, Nolan!!

(We would tell you who is who in these pictures, but we think it's funny that Mommy doesn't know...we're going to let her keep guessing.)

Friday, March 07, 2008

Jonathan's First...


Tonight Aunt Mary came over and we all went to Coldstone after dinner. We love ice cream, and would eat it with every meal, every day! I (Jonathan) was eating the ice cream and suddenly put my hands up over my eyes. At first Mommy thought I was playing peek-a-boo. Then Aunt Mary tried to give me a bite of ice cream and I shook my head, and covered my eyes again. Aunt Mary was the first to realize that I had BRAIN FREEZE! It was so weird - I kept holding my hands to my eyes and shaking my head. And then suddenly it was gone. Daddy and Mommy and Aunt Mary all laughed at me. Mommy (fortunately for me) didn't have the camera. Overall the benefits outweigh the costs, so I kept on eating...not even brain freeze can stop me from eating my ice cream!

No Photo?!

Today we had a great day! We went to the Wildlife World Zoo with our friends from the multiples club. We got to see lots of monkeys, zebras, deer, elk, meerkats, bats, kangaroos, a rhino, and all sorts of other animals. We got to get up close and personal with the giraffes - we fed them and felt their funny, long tongues! We got to ride on a train ride through part of the zoo and see more animals up close. It was such a fun day, and we'd love to show you pictures of all these neat experiences, but Mommy forgot the camera. Sure, she remembered the jogging stroller, our lunches, food, and all sorts of other things, but she forgot the camera. Oh well, I guess that means Daddy and Mommy have to take us back! :)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Phoenix WorldFest

The weather is so nice here that we're doing more and more outdoor activities! Mommy says it was 80 degrees yesterday, so we spent part of the day outside at Phoenix WorldFest. Phoenix has 10 sister cities around the world, and they had a booth with activities for each of them. There was also lots of food and cultural performances. One of the best parts was that they had bouncers for kids like us to play in! We were there with our friend Isaac and his Daddy and Mommy. We all loved the bouncers and just being outside. Here is our photo proof:

This is a the Chinese Dancers doing the lion dance. Maybe we can do that someday...Here we are with Daddy in front of the pandas from Chengdu
This is Josiah on the bouncer
Jonathan - I think I can make it over!!Those drums are pretty interesting, but we're tired!


We LOVE grapefruit. Papa has a grapefruit tree and he's been giving them to Daddy and Mommy to eat. Daddy and Mommy just started giving them to us, and we love them! Here is a picture of the first time that Daddy let us drink the juice out of the bowl: Yummy!!

Another Mark?!

It seems that Daddy has lots of friends named Mark. I guess they kind of flock together or something. Anyway, we got to meet another Mr. Mark. We liked him so much! I (Josiah) decided that I only wanted to hold his hand and have him carry me - he was much better than Daddy and Mommy! Here is a picture of us with Mr. Mark...check out our haircuts, too!!

Punky Boys

The other night Daddy and Mommy decided to make the most of our long hair. Here is the result:

Yes, it was so funny! We would look at each other and just laugh!! This is just one of the things we love about being twins - always having someone to share experiences with. :)