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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pirate's Booty

This is one of our new favorite snacks. Our friends have been telling us about it, so Mommy decided to get some for us to try. It's really yummy, easy for us to eat...and let's face it, the name is just plain funny...


Apparently Mommy thinks this blog is hers. She snuck in a post when we weren't looking! As long as she doesn't make it a habit, we can let her post once in a while. Now, let's get back to what's important: US! Our friend Isaac came over yesterday to play with us. Our daddies have long days at work, so our mommies like to get us together to break up the day (we think that's for us). We had lots of fun playing with Isaac, and he got to eat Pirate's Booty for the first time. Here are a couple of pictures of our playdate:
We were supposed to be playing together, but Josiah was interested in Miss Sheri, Isaac in the Aquadoodle pen, and Jonathan in the water.
Mommy got this fun picture of Isaac when he was eating Pirate's Booty. He was at the end of making a clicking noise - and he was very happy about it!


Yesterday Mommy made a new fun game with the pillows! She piled them up on the floor and then we got to jump in them...or she'd 'throw' us on top of them. It was so much fun! We'd fling ourselves on the top of the pile and then roll down the side. Here are some pictures of us playing:Hey - How did Chloe get in there?? Thanks to James and Jessi for these fun outfits! We look so cute in them!!

Once Bitten...

A post from the Mom of Chang:

I've heard from other Parents of Multiples (PoMs) that multiples tend to go through social phases sooner than singletons. Well, I think we have some evidence to support that theory. Yesterday the boys were playing so nicely when all of a sudden there was a long, loud, high-pitched scream. I turned to find that Josiah was crying and Jonathan just sitting there looking at him like, "What's wrong with you?" I picked up Josiah, cuddled him, and then started to look him over. This is what I found: If you look closely, you can see two small marks to the right of the two big marks on his arm. Yes, Jonathan is going through a biting phase.
This is Jonathan looking at me as if he were saying, "No, Mom, I'm innocent!"
Later on that afternoon I turned to see Jonathan attempting to bite Josiah again when Josiah was in his way. How do you get a teething 13 month old to stop biting???

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Haircut #2

Today we had our second at-the-salon haircut. We were very good and look so cute.
Josiah went first:
Then Jonathan:Miss Carmen even got a new cape for us! She was going to give us lollipops for being good boys, but Daddy and Mommy said we're not old enough. We think that everyone should e-mail Mommy and Daddy and tell them they're wrong...and that we should have lollipops, and popsicles, and sugar, and everything else that they won't let us have!!
Here we are just moments ago...the few-hours-later "after" picture!

New Talents

Here is a video of Josiah toddling forward and Jonathan backward.

New Talents

Here is a video of one of my new talents!

Funny Faces

Here are a couple of funny pictures Mommy took of us: Here I (Jonathan) am pretending something was gross...or maybe doing a Valley Girl impression.
I don't remember what I (Josiah) was kind of looks like the same look that I get right before I start concentrating on doing...something...

Mealtime Rituals

Mommy says that we're silly and sometimes quirky. Here are two of the things that she finds amusing:
Before every meal when Mommy puts my bib on, I (Josiah) feel the need to look in the pocket to see if there is anything left over from the last meal. I don't know what I'd do with it, but it's always good to check! After we finish we both like to put our toes in our mouths like we're so hungry that we could just chew a toe off (cuz Mommy must not feed us enough). Mommy says that sometimes we even act identical!

Pictures of Us

Daddy and Mommy finally went and bought frames for some of the pictures that they've been making us pose for over the last year. These are the ones from our one year birthday that Miss Paula and Miss Amanda took for us. We think they turned out so cute, and look so nice in the frames! Maybe they'll get the pictures hung up on our wall soon...

Do you know who is who in the pictures? :)

Weekend Getaway

Two weekends ago Daddy and Mommy took us across town for a weekend getaway. We stayed at a fun place that had FOUR swimming pools! Daddy's friend Andrea came to babysit for us one night and Mommy and Daddy went out without us (weird, huh?). We did lots of shopping, got to eat Maggiano's, and had our first Gelato. YUMMY!! It was so much fun, but Mommy kept forgetting to take pictures. Here's on of us with Daddy in one of the pools by the waterfall...

That's Our Yard?!

A couple of weeks ago Daddy had someone come and trim up our trees and do some other yard work. Daddy and Mommy were so happy with the way it turned out - now the weather just has to cool down so we can go outside and enjoy it!
Here's the backyard view from the kitchen: This is the backyard view from upstairs:
This is the front. The tree lost the whole big front branch. Daddy told them to trim it up so it was balanced - this is what happened!

Playtime Fun

We have so much fun at home. Some of our favorite toys are the really expensive ones that weren't meant to be toys: Here we are about to start a chair race!
And the ones that were meant to keep us out of things!

Daddy and Mommy set up this 'gate' to keep us away from the tv and electronic equipment. We just see it as a little bit of a challenge.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Check it Out!!

Our Aunt Debbie is so talented! She and her friend Jen (not our mommy) are starting a new business. She even has a website! Check it out - and if you order tell her we sent you!

Operator Error

Mommy started looking at the camera and found a button marked, "Display." When she pushed it, the picture came back! So we're back in business!! Oops...

Technical Difficulties

Today Mommy was going to take more pictures of us (because why not??), but here's what the camera did:
Last night the wireless keyboard on the computer decided not to work (for some reason it's running today). We don't know why these things happen. We hope the camera comes back to life so that we can share more pictures of our adventures with you!

Another Birthday Party!

We love celebrating birthdays around here. This time we got to celebrate Uncle Larry's ??? birthday (we don't know what number it is because we can't count that high)! We got to go swimming in the pool with Nana, Daddy, Mommy, Michelle, Uncle Larry, and Uncle Dave. Papa wouldn't get in with sad. :( It was so much fun to spend time with everyone again!

Apparently when you get to his age you have to make your own cake, cut it, and serve it, too. This is what we did after we finished eating...more containers and lids!

Grandpa's Pantry

We have heard in the past that Papa has been very protective of 'his' pantry. Nana says that he used to be the only one allowed to put things away in there! Well, we changed that! We got in there the other day, and we decided to rearrange anything we could get our hands on...

Here we just discovered the empty Gatorade bottles:

It's so fun to take those off of the shelf! They're just our size!

Look - the lids are all on the floor now!

Maybe we can put the lids on right...

I (Jonathan) spent most of the afternoon trying to put the lids on the bottles. I got them all matched up, but just couldn't figure out how to get them to stay! And yes, Mommy and Nana made me wear an outfit with a soccer ball on my butt.

First Celebrity Crush?

Daddy was watching food network and I (Jonathan) decided it was pretty interesting, too. I'm not sure if I'm more enthralled with Rachael Ray or the food she's making! *A few days later we both got excited when we saw what Paula Deen was making. Then Daddy told us it was on tv, and not for us. :(


Here is a video clip of us using our new talents. For me (Jonathan) it's walking! I love to walk all over the place and rarely crawl anymore. For my brother, well, he spent a whole day making only this sound:

Fun At Home

We're so happy to be home! We have just played, and played, and played! Here are a couple of pictures that Mommy took of us. Maybe if you write to Mommy she'll take us to get our hair cut! We are afraid we're going to start looking like little girls soon!!!!