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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dust Storm

After Mommy left our playdate (Daddy came and picked us up before Mommy wanted to leave), she stopped at the library. Coming out of the library she drove straight into a dust storm! Right before she took these pictures she couldn't even see the car in front of her. We're glad she made it home safely! Monsoon season is scary!!

Fab Four Back Together!

On Monday Mommy took us to Miss Sheri's and we got to play with our friends Isaac and Nolan again! It was lots of fun!! Isaac is cruising around everything, and Nolan just started crawling (kind of). It's so much fun for us now that we're all mobile. We don't know if it's as fun for our mommies, though.

We found Isaac in his/our Bumbo seat on the countertop when we got there!

The rest are pics of all four of us playing. Mommy says it wasn't easy to get them since we all seem to go in different directions now!

Trip to Illinois

The following posts are from our recent trip to Illinois for the ??? Annual Wohlford Family Gathering. Mommy said that they've been meeting every year in the summer since the 1980's. That's a LONG time! We didn't get to go last year because we were less than a month old and Daddy and Mommy didn't think we could/should travel yet. This year, though, we were old enough and Daddy and Mommy weren't quite as tired as last year at this time. The posts are backwards chronological (like the rest of the blog), so you may want to start on day one and work your way up! We had lots of fun and hope that our relatives come and see us in Arizona. We miss them all already...

Funny Sights We Saw

Daddy and Mommy saw things in Illinois that they aren't used to seeing. They thought these things were picture worthy, and so wanted us to put them on the blog (they think this is still their blog sometimes).

First, there was this sign:
Daddy said that he's seen signs for "Children Playing" but never "Slow Children" playing. :) We didn't get a real picture of it, so we had to find one on-line.
This is the duck crossing sign:These are the doors into Galena. Daddy and Mommy joke about it being small town and rolling up the sidewalks at night. They said it looks like the gates to the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz! Really - a Backstreet Chophouse?? What exactly do they serve there???

Daddy thought the 24 hour Bank seemingly in the middle of nowhere was especially funny!

This is a sign for a picnic area. Mommy thinks it looks like the tree is falling on the picnic table.
Daddy was amused that all the little towns had a sign pointing toward the one nursing home in the town.

Our Trip Back

We left for the airport on Sunday morning and flew back to Arizona. Here are some pictures of our return driving trip:

Mommy says that Illinois is pretty, but she doesn't want to live there because of the snow (whatever that is). We liked all the green and trees there - it's so much different than home!
Here is a sign for the airport. Mommy and Daddy once took the wrong road coming out of O'Hare and ended up somewhere near Wisconsin. I guess we know which road they took!
Here we are in the airport finishing yet another meal in our strollers. I (Josiah) wasn't quite ready to share the water with my brother. This is the big airplane that took us back to Arizona. We sat way at the back!

We were very good boys on the airplane. We both took naps and then played with our toys. We flirted with everyone we saw, of course. Our favorite game to play was seeing how fast we could make someone smile or give us attention!
We were so happy to get home! We giggled as we played with all of the toys that we missed so much over the last 5 days! We really liked seeing all of our family, but getting home was so much fun. Mommy was surprised that we were so happy to see our own house. She says that she doesn't feel like she had a vacation. We don't know what she's talking about because we had a great time and are ready to go again!!

Saying Good-bye

On Sunday morning we had to say good-bye to everyone. We took a big family picture, but because we were in a rush someone has to e-mail it to us so we have a copy. That morning we ate breakfast in our cabin instead of with everyone else (nobody else was up yet). Nana and Papa helped!

Then we went to the medium...err...meeting room and got to play with our cousins a little bit before we left. Here I (Jonathan) am contemplating my future career as a golfer. It seems like it would be pretty easy if you carry the hole around with you!
Here is Josiah with a bunch of the other boys
Here is a picture of all the Asians under the age of 5 in the Wohlford Family. Payton was really trying hard to get us to stay still for the picture!

The Fire Pit

Daddy and Mommy made us go to bed before the sun was completely down. We would have liked to have stayed up with everyone, but we probably wouldn't have made it much longer, anyway. Mommy took some pictures and told us a little bit about what they did after we went to bed, but not in much detail. We don't know why. It may have had something to do with the stories that were being told, and the influence of the drink in the very big cups that Mommy's cousins were drinking from. Here are some pictures from our last night there:
Aunt Debbie posing for the camera as they went to the Fire Pit.More of our family enjoying the fire and conversation. Uncle Larry is camera shy and we don't think Jeff appreciated the flash.

The fire in the fire pit glowed green!! Our fire pit at home is only orange. Mommy said it wasn't magic, but it's because of the copper wire that they put in there - one of Great Grandpa Wohlford's old tricks!

Mommy said she wants to publicly thank her Cousin Scott for the evening's entertainment and story time from Friday night. He told them lots of fun stories about Opposite Courses and his Homies and cleaning toilets. There were some things, though, that he couldn't tell. When they'd ask him questions he'd just say that it was classified information and he couldn't tell them. Mommy said that was a good answer! :)

Day 4 in Illinois

On Saturday we got to go swimming again, and play with Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins (are you seeing the pattern??). Here are pictures of what we saw from the Inn where we were staying, along with more pictures of us with family! :)

This is Jonathan with Aunt Sandi. She is Payton's Mommy and she loves little Asian boys! We love her, too!
Mommy and Nana wanted a picture of us with Great Grandma Wohlford. What a process it took to get it! We really liked Great Grandma's necklace...she didn't want us to play with it, though...
Here's a good one! (and I (Jonathan) still got my hand on the prize!!)
Great Grandma, Payton, Kathy, and Larry playing dominoes. We wish we were big enough to play!
Some of our relatives on the balcony outside. We got to see real live cows while we were there! They were just down the hill from where we were staying! What is everyone looking at from up there??They're watching all the bigger boys (5 boys older than us, but under age 5) running and playing with our older cousins!
There was a corn field right along the property where we were staying. We didn't get to go and explore in there, but it looked pretty neat to us!

Day Three

On Friday of our trip we had just as much fun as the previous two days! We got to meet more of our Aunts and Uncles and Cousins, we went for lunch with Nana and Papa's friends from Iowa, and Mommy's friend Rosie came to see us. For some reason we don't have pictures of Nana and Papa's friends or of Rosie...We're not sure why Mommy was slacking. Here are some fun pictures of us with our relatives:
This is Josiah with Cousin Justin. Josiah is so interested in helping him change the batteries and get the toy working. Maybe we have an engineer in the making... Here is Jonathan with Cousin Joshua. In the back are Cousins Scott and Jeff. They are very entertaining!!

We met our cousin Mason for the very first time! He is a couple of years older than us and we think he's just the best! We really wanted to play with him, but he was more into chasing after the bigger boys. Maybe next year we can join in the fun with them, too!

At the Resort

We went to the resort to see the other relatives on Thursday. When we got there we got to meet some of our cousins, Aunts and Uncles for the very first time ever! We went swimming that afternoon and played with all the fun toys that our cousins Jarrett and Keegan brought for us. We're so glad that they brought toys for us, because Mommy and Nana definitely didn't bring enough to keep the two of us occupied!

This is a picture of something we've never seen before - a bathtub full of drinks! Everybody brings water and soda (and other things we can't drink) and they fill the bathtub with ice and put it all in there. Then when anyone got thirsty they just went into the bathroom. It was so cold in there!! We think there were also salads and juice stored in the funny refrigerator.

Day 2 of our IL Trip

On the second day of our trip we spent a lot of time playing with Uncle Dale, Cousin Britni and Cousin Ryan. We are so glad that they were there to play with us! Cousin Ryan had an accident at work a few months ago, so he's still recuperating. He can't get on the floor and play with us yet, but he was still lots of fun and we really love being around him!

Here I (Jonathan) am with Uncle Dale. He let me have some of his water after I ate breakfast. I was so thirsty that I pushed my face as far as I could into the glass.You can see the red marks on my face from the glass - I didn't care, though! That water was GOOD!! (I only spit a little back in the glass for Uncle Dale.)Here we are playing with Uncle Dale and Britni while Ryan watched. He said that after the fall he only has "one good word" but Mommy wouldn't let him teach it to us.
Here we are in Ryan's wheelchair. We had a blast while Nana pushed us around the house. It was much more fun than the strollers!

Day 1 of our IL Trip

The first day of our trip to Illinois was so eventful! We got to fly on a plane, have our first pork tenderloin sandwich, see our Uncle Dale, Aunt Judy, Cousins Ryan and Britni, and eat sweet corn right off the cob! Here is the photo evidence!!

Here I (Josiah) am on the plane. I fell asleep in Daddy's arms and took a really long nap. When I woke up I got to play with Grandpa and Grandma and flirt with everyone who came by our seats!This is Jonathan sitting on Grandpa's lap looking out the window. He was so excited to fly and thought that the faster we went for take-off the better it was! He didn't sleep until the end of the plane ride. He got to sleep in Grandpa's arms! We were so happy that our Nana and Papa were on the plane with us!This is Jonathan eating sweet corn. He liked it, but didn't show as much enthusiasm as I did!

This is me eating sweet corn. First they tried cutting it off the cob and feeding it to us from a bowl. Then Nana let me have a bit of hers off the cob. Mommy was right - it tastes so much better that way. I let Nana hold it for me at first, then I helped her with one hand, and by the time we were finished I was trying to hold on to the corn by myself with both hands. It was so good - I can't wait until we go back next year!!