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Monday, October 31, 2005

The Arizona State Fair

Sunday we went to the Arizona State Fair. We took our sisters and met Uncle Larry and Dave there. It was quite an experience! We ate ice cream that was speed-frozen using nitrogen, Chinese food, and cotton candy the size of your head (actually bigger...see pic below).

We saw an elephant and camel up close. We speculated about the miniature horse that you had to pay $1 to see. The sign outside said, "Could this be the smallest horse?" and "Too small for a baby to ride!" We walked through the commercial building and listened to an Asian man try to sell us a food chopper/slicer/salsa maker. We walked through the fairway and were offered a stuffed animal to play a carnival game...even if we didn't win!

The BIG event was the DEMOLITION DERBY!! We took Mary last year to see it, and just couldn't resist going again (this may be a Chang family tradition). It was tons of fun...working out aggression by living vicariously through some really beat up junkie cars. Where else do you get to watch a bunch of crashes, fires, and revving engines and not have road rage?! This dying sport (they just don't make cars like they used to) was a blast to watch. They even have rules - no hitting the driver's side, and three fires, you're out!

This was the big fun for the weekend. Thanks to the AZ State Fair for polluting my lungs, sugar-coating my insides, and making it a memorable day for all. :)

Oh yeah - I can't forget to mention the numerous foods we found that you could buy deep fried and on a stick (see pics below).

Demolition Derby

Larry, Dave, Deb, Mary, and Mark
Line-up before the final round.
Good hit!!
More good hits and pile-ups!

Lots of smoke and fires.

On A Stick

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Remodeling already?!

The last phase of our move-in walk-through is finally here...the remodel. Well, sort of remodel. Our tub in the 1st floor bathroom was bowed out, and so they decided to replace it for us. They're putting in a new tub and marble surround. Great, huh? Well, this is what the bathroom looks like now. Apparently the bathtub was bowed because the wall was a tiny bit too short. Now we get to wait for the marble, drywall, and tile people to come and finish the job. Until then, Chloe's bathroom is off limits for her, and her baths have to take place in the kitchen sink. :)

Lillian and Chloe

This is Lillian and Chloe.

Lillian just turned one last week, and last time she visited our house she was excited to meet Chloe, but a little overwhelmed by Chloe's energy. Now that Lilly is able to stand and walk, she is having more fun with the dog! She would look at Chloe, giggle, and then try to follow her around. Unfortunately, Chloe was still a little over-zealous in her reception. So it was off to a time-out for her. That didn't stop Lilly, though! As soon as she was on the floor, she was running for the dog. As Chloe sat in her area, sad and dejected, Lilly sat outside and eyed her forbidden playmate.

Welcome to AZ!

This is Mary.

Mary moved here on Wednesday this past week...actually about 1:00 a.m. on Thursday. This pic was taken at a little welcome party we had for her on Saturday. As you can tell from the plate in her hand, we had plenty of food! It was a nice dinner, and we even got to use our fire pit again! Mary is standing in our dining area beside the table.

* The table is counter height (taller than normal table height), so that's why she looks so small next to it.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

A Busy Weekend

This weekend has been full of fun events for the House of Chang! Saturday our friend Christine graduated from her MBA program - Congrats, Christine! What a huge accomplishment. We were able to help with her party and celebrate with her. Now we're counting down to the next graduations.

Today we got to celebrate our cousin Lillian's first birthday! I don't think she quite understood the whole concept, but she was very cute and she loved the cake! Our contribution to their household - Chicken Dance Elmo. Happy 1st birthday, Lilly!

Unfortunately for the few readers of this blog, I forgot to take my camera to both events. :( So now I sit and relax a little, waiting for my honey to come home and trying to keep the neurotic dog in check. Happy Sunday!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Fall Haircuts

Chloe got a haircut!
I got a haircut, too, but I'm not putting my mug on the blog. :) Chloe got a 'top dog' package because we wanted them to trim her nails as well. The package included a special moisturizer and spray, tooth brushing, treats to take home, and a festive bow in her hair. So it's a little over the top. It's so funny, though. She now has a burgundy and gold bow with a bronze leaf in the middle holding in place a little puff-ball of hair on the top of her head. Of course, we're the mean puppy parents who leave it there and scold her if she tries to take it off. She just has to endure the pain until we have children to mess with...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Happy 60th Dad!

We surprised Dad with a little 60th Birthday get-together. This is him coming in the door - and I think he looks genuinely surprised!

This is why he looked surprised! We decided we should dress old or similar to what Grandpa Wohlford would have done...I think we succeeded!

From left - my sister, Deb, Dad, Dad's brother Larry, Mom, and me! Mark was taking the picture.

In the spirit of acting senior, we had a senior moment. We forgot to put the candles on his pie. :)

This is Mom and Deb contemplating Mom's socks...better up and down, or both down???

And this is Greta looking in the window at us, wondering where all the 'normal' relatives went!