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Sunday, September 25, 2011


At the end of February Daddy won tickets for him and Mommy to go to the NASCAR race in Phoenix. They had never gone before, but they thought it would be a fun adventure. Well, not only did Daddy win tickets to get in, he won a pace car ride! So Mommy got to go down on the track and ride around in a pace car. Here are the pictures from their adventure!

This is Victory Lane, where the winner of the race goes to get the trophy:

Here is Mommy's view from the pit. Daddy is in the stands watching:

Here is the car that Mommy got to ride in:

Mommy was in the backseat, but could see the spedometer. She took this picture as the driver was slowing down...

Turn 4!

This is a picture of the cars in the garages before the race:

Jonathan and my cars (The Home Depot and Target) were side-by-side in the garages!

Miss Paula and her sister Miss Amanda with one of the Sprint girls.

The number 18 is Elijah's car:

Daddy with his headset on getting ready to watch the race!

There's the Target car in the line - waiting to race:

The cars went so fast the camera couldn't get a clear picture!

The Target car stopped right in front of Daddy and Mommy when they had to stop the race to clear the track:

The #24 car won, but stalled out while trying to make smoke and do donuts, so he had to be pushed to Victory Lane.

The end results:

Thanks so much to Aunt Mary for watching us so Mommy and Daddy could go to the race! We hope someday they'll take us, too!


February Fun!

Here are some fun pictures of us from February. We're a lot behind on posting on our blog, so we're trying to catch up, starting with the beginning of the year!

To start off, here is Elijah, just chillin' and trying to not get into trouble. :)And here he is with Mommy: Oops - that part about not getting into trouble didn't last long! Yep - he found the cabinets in the bathroom and pulled as much out as he could. If you ask him, he was just thirsty and wanted the cup. :)

We definitely weren't getting into trouble at the same time, though. We were just being creative with the post-it notes that we got for Christmas. For a while we decided to leave little 'love notes' all over the house for Mommy and Daddy.

And here is Baby E again. He likes meal times...mostly to make messes!

And funny faces...

And here I (Josiah) am...

And who could ever forget Jonathan?!

In February some of Nanny and Papa's friends came to visit. They have visited a few times, but we didn't really remember them. This is Myrl and Linda and they are so much fun...probably because they are grandparents, too!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Soccer Stop!

We got to sign up for soccer this year! Unfortunately, Josiah was sick on this day of practice. So the pictures are all of me (Jonathan) learning to play soccer! The first day we just learned how to stop the ball and how to dribble. In the picture above you can see me stopping the ball.

This picture is me sitting and listening to Coach Josh as we are finishing up our practice. Soccer is so much fun...even in the cold!

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