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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Easter Day!!

Easter Day was so much fun! First, we were so excited about Easter and that Jesus is Alive!! We told everybody - and we still do!! When we got up, we went downstairs and found these: The Easter Bunny came to our house and left us Easter Baskets (with tags still on them!) :)
Of all the things in our baskets, the pinwheels were our very favorite things:
Here I (Josiah) am blowing at my pinwheel:
And the Easter Bunny hid our Easter Eggs that we had colored. We love hunting for eggs!

Later in the day we went to Grandpa Andy and Grandma Jan's house where the Easter Bunny had hid eggs for us, too! Here is a picture of us with them:
We went to another Easter Egg hung (#3, if you're counting) at the zoo. Unfortunately we didn't get ANY eggs. Here is a picture of us showing Mommy our empty baskets. :(

As we were leaving a nice girl who had found a LOT of eggs gave us each a couple. It was ok, though, because we went to Uncle Larry's house where the Easter Bunny had come and left more eggs and things for us. We think maybe the Easter Bunny had help from our uncles, Papa, Nanny, and Great Grandma. :) We had a wonderful Easter this year!


Not-So-Surprise Easter Egg Hunt

Well, this year the Surprise Easter Egg hunt didn't get rained out like last year. Daddy, Mommy, and Nanny decided to brave it and took us to hunt eggs. Well, apparently it wasn't really a surprise, because the entire town showed up! It was CRAZY!! They put the eggs out at the Spring Training practice fields and we rushed around with the 1000 other kids our age to get them (maybe not 1000, but it seemed like it). Here are a couple of photos:
We found Isaac afterward and took a picture of the three of us with our spoils.

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Easter Eggs

This year at Easter we got to color Easter Eggs! We were a little confused, because Mommy said we were going to dye them. My (Jonathan) first response was, "Die? Like Jesus died?" Mommy then said, "No, we're going to color them." I said, "OH, color with crayons?" We finally got it figured out that we were using colors and dipping them to change the color of the eggs. We hope that Easter comes soon so we can do it again! Josiah with Flat Stanley coloring eggs:


Winter Play Dates

We love winter and spring where we live. It's so nice, because we get to play outside all the time. One of our new favorite places to play is the purple playground. There is a LOT of fun playground equipment, sand, and it's just great if you're three!! Here we are with our friend Isaac playing in the rocket ship!

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Great Grandma!

Our Great Grandma came out to spend some time here during the winter. We had so much fun with her! I (Elijah) especially loved her and it didn't take me very long to recognize her. I almost always smiled when I saw her. Here are some pictures that we took with her while she was visiting.

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Happy Birthday, Elly!

In March our cousin Elly had a birthday! She turned three and had a soccer party. We had so much fun and now we try to play soccer all the time.

Here we are learning some rules: Jonathan practicing his soccer stop:
Josiah practicing:
Singing to Elly:
Watching Elly open the gift we gave to her:

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6 Months and Counting

Well, I'm six months and a little bit now. Everybody says my big brothers are so cute, but they have the twin factor going for them that adds to the cuteness. I think I'm pretty good competition, if I do say so myself. Here are the picture to prove it. :)
Looking up at my Papa:
So done with the photo shoot, Mommy, but here's one more sweet look.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Birthday Bash

Since we weren't at home on Daddy's actual birthday, we had his birthday party the following week. We had our family over for pizza and cake. There only four candles on Daddy's cake. He's actually more than four, but we don't know how many he is. Flat Stanley is on the front of Daddy's cake. He came to visit us all the way from Illinois from our cousin Payton. We took him with us wherever we went for two weeks, and then sent him back to Payton's class. We had lots of fun taking him and hope that Payton got a good grade on his project. :)

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First Foot....Errr, Food

Now that I'm 6 months old, I get to eat solid food! I want to start with steak, but Mommy and Daddy won't let me. Instead, they fed me this rice cereal stuff. Let me tell you, this solid food stuff isn't all it's cracked up to be! See, I decided that my toes tasted better than the rice cereal. I tried to put them in my mouth after every bite! Hopefully I'll get to eat yummier food soon.

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Birthday Outing!

This March was Daddy's birthday! In honor of his birthday, we all went to the Out of Africa Wildlife Park, out to eat, and then walked around an outdoor mall area. It was a very fun day for all of us! To top it off, I (Jonathan) surprised Daddy and Mommy by writing my entire name. We both can write our names now, but we have been keeping it a secret and pretending to not be able to write our letters when Mommy asks us. We figure it's better to keep them guessing. :)
Here we are at the entrance with Daddy:Josiah, Daddy, and Elijah on the 'safari' bus!
Jonathan on the bus with his carrot
Add Video Josiah feeding his carrot to the giraffe
The giraffe after getting Jonathan's carrot (the top of Jonathan's head is at the bottom of the picture)
A zebra right outside our bus!
A BIG iguana!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lunch Date

On this particular day Mommy took me (Josiah) out on a date. We went to a bunch of stores and then for lunch at Red Robin - my favorite restaurant!! I even got a balloon before we left. I missed my brothers, but Jonathan had made me cookies while I was out. Jonathan and I love having Mommy dates!

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Playdate at the Park

One day in March Mommy had a surprise for us - we got to go on a playdate with our friends Evy and Jadon (and their mommy and daddy). We didn't go to their house - we went to a park in downtown Phoenix where there were rides! Ever since the fair we've been asking to go on rides. Well, almost all the rides were just exactly our size!! Even Elijah got to ride with us on a couple of them. We had so much fun with Evy and Jadon and hope we get to go back again soon. Thanks so much to the Hustons for a FUN playdate!! Here are some of the fun things we got to do:

Going into the park with Evy (Jonathan in orange, Josiah in red) Riding on the carousel - Miss Heather stood between us, Mommy took this picture from behind while she sat on the bench with Elijah
Riding in the car with Evy and Jadon (Evy is showing Josiah how to use the buttons)
Our first roller coaster ride!!!
We look a little unsure in the picture, but we told Mommy we really had a lot of fun and want to do it again! We haven't stopped talking about it since that day!!

Jonathan on the bumper boats
Planning our strategy on the bumper boats
Josiah on the bumper boats
Miss Heather took Jonathan on the tea cups. He looks a little wary, but came off saying how much fun it was...he still gets a smile on his face when we talk about it!
Elijah and Mommy on the train ride

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