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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Where We've Been...

It's been a long time since we put anything on the blog! We had a little time when we were sick, then Mommy and Daddy were sick, and then we had the holidays. It's been so busy with lots of 'little things' going on that we haven't had time to sit down and write what's going on! We are mostly healthy and all happy! We love having the Christmas tree up and seeing all the pretty lights around. We even got a Christmas tree in our bedroom! Maybe Mommy will take some pictures at night of all the pretty decorations around our house so we can put them on the blog. Thanks for checking in on us! We will try to post more frequently...

Jonathan and Josiah

Santa Hats

Here are a couple of fun shots from the last couple of days. Jonathan decided to go in the corner and sit and play with the doggie (see posts below) all by himself. It was so cute and he was so happy! Here's Jonathan in his Santa hat:
And Josiah in his Santa hat:
And Josiah getting in trouble in his Santa hat:
Josiah found Nana's water bottle on the stairs and was trying to figure out how to get that heavy bottle full of water through the slats in the railing. In the end, it took a little help from Nana. :)

Merry Christmas!

Nana and Papa got their Christmas things out and found our Santa hats from last year! Mommy put them on us and still fit (kind of). Here are a couple of pictures that the took of us with the hats on!
Don't we look all grown up in our little outfits?! We got them as a present when we were born and they finally fit us! We also have new shoes on...we love our shoes now!

Please, Papa?!

We don't remember what this was about, but isn't it funny?! And no, those aren't Illinois outfits we're wearing!! We are Hawkeyes, through and through!!!

A Puppy for Thanksgiving?!

Papa got us a new puppy for Thanksgiving! Well, he got it and gave it to us on Thanksgiving, but it's really a Christmas puppy. It is so funny! When he sings his ears fly up and down and the jingle bells on the ends clang together. We learned how to make it sing without having help from an adult. Here are some pictures of us with Nana and Papa and the puppy:
This is a video of us with Papa and Nana and the puppy. As you can see, Josiah wasn't quite as into it at the moment. He has developed a love for vacuuming, because Papa let's him hold the handle of the vacuum while he cleans the floor. Apparenlty he wanted Papa to stop playing and vacuum some more.

Nolan is 1!!

Our friend Nolan turned 1 last week! We got to go to his birthday party and play with him and our friend Isaac. Here are some pictures from Nolan's big day...
The adults tried to get us all to sit on a bench together. As you can see, it didn't work out so well. There is Isaac, Nolan, Josiah and Jonathan and then our friend Isabella is sitting on the ground. She was the only girl our age there, but she didn't seem to mind. However, a moment after Mommy took this picture Nolan ended up on the ground with her. Then we was really not happy about the adults' big idea!

The last pictures are of Nolan and his cake. He wasn't sure of what to do with is (kind of like I - Josiah - was at my party). He got the hang of it, though! I was really interested in the whole thing...I think I'd like another chance at a cake like that!

A Morning with Isaac

A couple of weeks ago Isaac's mommy had something that he couldn't go to, so he got to come and play with us for part of the day. It was so much fun! We played and colored, and here are a couple of pictures of us eating a snack together at our table. We all had lots of fun!

New Friends

Nana and Papa had some friends visit from Illinois. It was the first time we met them and we LOVE them! They are Mr. Mike and Mrs. Kathy and they are so much fun. We could tell that they have grandkids because they knew just how to make us smile! They are the ones who taught Nana how to make soap bubbles in our bath. They also know sign language so they taught us some new signs. We hope that they come back to visit soon!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

After Party!

The multiples club that Daddy and Mommy belong to had a Halloween party after Halloween! It was lots of fun! We got to play with the big kids - and we loved it! Here are some pictures:

Logan brought out his blanky for us to nap on in case we get tired (Madelyn, his sister, was showing Jonathan how to lay down on the blanket). Here Madelyn is showing us where their bunny rabbit is:
We think the bunny rabbit is so neat! So do two of the Obezo quads - Super Girl and Wonder Woman! :)
The adults decided they should get a picture of all of us's how it went:

Apparently Michaela was trying to get Josiah to stand in his place...
And it wasn't working so well...
This one came out blurry for Mommy...Madelyn was trying to hold Jonathan's hand, but he didn't want to stay there with her...
Here is Alex leaving the picture (you can't tell he was upset here), and Jonathan screaming because he wanted Mommy...
After the picture Daddy and Mommy changed us back into our 'normal' clothes. We got to play some more! We love the John Deere tractor that our friends have!

Maybe we're farmers at heart...


We don't know what Halloween is, but after this last one, we really like it! We had a long day, but it was lots of fun! We got up and went to see Papa in the morning. He thought we looked so cute. All we did is show up in our costumes and he and Nana had a basket full of goodies for us! (and some of it was for Daddy and Mommy, too.) Here we are as a Monkey (Josiah) and Teddy Bear (Jonathan). Here we are getting our first look at the goody basket from Nana and Papa!

We love animal crackers!Josiah was signing 'cracker' to get Papa to open them for him!I (Jonathan) think it's pretty funny that my brother has a tail!

In the afternoon we went back to Nana and Papa's so that Nana could see us and we could go to the other Grandpas and Grandmas on their street:

Grandpa Andy and Grandma Jan made us goody bags, too!
Here we are later on in the afternoon looking through the basket that Nana and Papa made for us.
I don't know what the paper says, but it's fun to play with!
What's under there, Nana? Is it for us?!

I Can Do It Myself!

The other night we were playing with Daddy and Mommy and they got distracted. They looked up and found me (Jonathan) sitting in the chair!! I got up there all by myself. My brother thought it was really funny, too! I figured out how to make the chair rock...
They got me out of the chair and I showed them how I did it. First I stepped up on the overturned pony:
Then I got both legs under me...
And I turned around and started rocking!
Look - I can sit in all directions in this big chair!