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Friday, June 29, 2007

The REAL Cake

Do you remember when Mommy did a "practice" cake for Grandma's birthday? Well, she's made the REAL cake now! We think it looks so much better than the other one. I guess it helps when she reads the directions...

We can't wait until tomorrow when we get to eat it!! Please don't tell Mommy that we peeked...

Caution: Vacuum at Work

People say that we are generally quiet boys. We think we are, but when we also have learned to use our voices when necessary. One of those times is when the vacuum cleaner is running. Josiah doesn't like anything that is really loud, so I (Jonathan) sometimes help him to adjust. Here is a video of us with Grandma Wohlford's vacuum. Note that Josiah pushes me forward to be the brave one...

Fun with Grandpa and Grandma Chang

This week is so special! Not only are we turning one, but our Grandpa and Grandma Chang came to stay the whole week to celebrate with us! We are having lots of fun getting to know them better. They like to hold us and spoil us - two very good things! One day we went to Cabela's. Our friend Isaac always takes his visitors there, so we thought we'd check it out, too. It was HUGE! We saw so many things we'd never seen before. There were stuffed bears, deer, and even an ELEPHANT! It was lots of fun and we would like to go back and see the animals again (even if they aren't moving). We don't know what camping is, but this store makes it look like a lot of fun!

Here we are with Grandpa and Grandma in front of a big fish tank:And in front of a bear:And there's the giant elephant!!

Bath Day!

Last week we did a lot of things to get ready for our company this week! One of the things that Mommy and Daddy did was to give the doggies a bath. George did ok, and Chloe wasn't half bad. Mommy wrapped Chloe in a towel to dry her off. Chloe, however, didn't like it. She just stood in the same position until Daddy rescued her - Daddy and Mommy just laughed because they've never seen her do that! Here is the photo proof:
George is resigned to being penned in the hallway. At least he has his bed!

Dog in a blanket?? Chloe doesn't know what to do...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dear Isaac

We miss you so much, but we found someone who misses you more...Your DADDY! He came over tonight and had dinner with our mommy and daddy. We were very good boys and didn't fuss - even though it was our usual fussy time and we didn't take very good naps today. We showed him some of our new skills and we climbed on him so he knows what to expect when he sees you again. Here are some pictures that Mommy took so that you could see your daddy. Thanks for sharing him while you're away! We can't wait to see you again!!


Jonathan and Josiah

Mr. Matt petting Chloe while George runs away and Jonathan observes.Josiah wants to play, too, Mr. Matt! You are so interesting, Mr. Matt. We love to listen to you talk!

Tell us more, Mr. Matt. You have our full attention!

Here is an example of what we showed Mr. Matt that we can do. Jonathan's new hobby: Re-arranging the furniture!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Daddy, RN

It's official!!! Daddy passed his nursing board exams yesterday, and is now an RN!! We think that it stands for Real Nurse. Whatever it is, Mommy and Daddy are very happy about it!

We can't paste in the actual info from the site, but you can see for yourself if you follow this link:

We're so proud of our Daddy!!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

First Steps!!

I (Jonathan) have officially taken my first steps! I have figured out that I can stand on my own, and I'm very proud of that. The other day I took some steps, and Mommy caught some of it on camera. I'm still wobbly, but I'm going to practice so I can RUN!!! This video is the first day I started walking, so we think it counts as the 'first.'

Another Teether??

While helping organize Grandma's cupboard, I (Josiah) found another teether! My brother thinks this one is funny, too!

Helping with the Laundry

Grandma let us help her with the laundry while we were there. Here are some pics of that. Mommy always seems to have that camera with her...
Josiah: I'm not sure of what I'm grabbing, Mommy. Is it safe??
Jonathan: I found something!!

What's in there, Brother?

Helping in the Kitchen

Grandma lets us help her in the kitchen. We are trying to figure out how to help her organize her cabinet with all her plastic containers. Do you think we're doing a good job?
I think this is a lid... This one must be a hat!

Did I look cute, Mom?Wait, there's more up here!

Another Friday Morning

Last Friday we got to go to the Splash Park again. First we ate our breakfast... As you can see, we both like to 'rest' our feet on our high chair trays. Mommy thinks it's kind of quirky and cute.

We spent all morning at the Splash park! It was so much fun, but it was HOT! We got tired after a while and settled down for a nap in our stroller. Apparently Jonathan likes a little footrest when he's sleeping, too.

Where is George?

Our doggie George is from our friends Miss Patrice and Miss Annie. Daddy and Mommy said that he used to be timid and not well-adjusted. Now they say that they miss that doggie. Sometimes that dog comes back - especially when a camera is involved...

In the last one you can see our other doggie, Chloe. She likes us so much and is a great playmate. She lets us pull her tail and play with her face and ears. Sometimes she sits on us, but we don't mind.

By the way, Daddy and Mommy were trying some new clothes on us - we think they make us look like girls 'cuz they're so big they are like dresses on us!

New Teether

I have found a great teether - and it makes my brother laugh when I chew on it. If you listen carefully to the video sound you can hear the fun noise that it makes on my teeth!

Cute Pics of Us

We were playing at Grandpa and Grandma's house and Mommy got some cute pics of us. Here we are at 11 1/2 months!

Jonathan and Daddy's flip flop

Jonathan and Daddy!

Josiah and Grandma

We are SO happy!!

Fun with Peek-A-Blocks

We have so much fun with our peek-a-blocks! Cousin Payton got us this really fun barn with animals that we put the blocks in and they come out the bottom. The best part is that it plays "Old McDonald" or parts of it every single time you move certain parts. It's so much fun and Mommy and Daddy let us play with it at Grandma and Grandpa's house as much as we want to! Here is a little video of us playing with the blocks. Mommy is talking in it, but only in partial sentences, so you don't have to listen to her. :)


After Mommy finished cutting my fingernails and toe nails, I (Josiah) got stuck between the two couches. I don't know why the two couches were pushed together anyway! You can see that it's brother's turn in the background...

Splash Park!

Our Multiples Club is now having play dates on Fridays at the Goodyear Splash Park! It's so much fun and we love the water. Here are some pictures from us the second time we went... Playing in a big puddle...
Where is the water going??

Monday, June 04, 2007


We have so many skills (and girls like guys with skills). Today we asked Mommy to take some video and pics of us doing some of our latest skills. She didn't do such a good job, but finally did manage to get most of them.

Jonathan blowing raspberriesSitting in a chair reading a bookJosiah sitting in the chair reading, and practicing "1"We were finished reading... Sharing toys

Playing with the doggie

Exhibiting many talents at once

In this last video, you can see Josiah walking with the push toy, trying to get the doggie's attention, squealing, getting himself up and down, and finally clapping.
Jonathan can get himself maneuvered around and under the chair (he used to get stuck), throwing and retrieving a toy, and clapping. Jonathan can do the other things that Josiah is doing, just not in this video.

11/12ths Birthday

We're 11 months old now! Can you believe it?! Mommy says she doesn't know where the time has gone. On our 11/12 birthday we got to see our friends Isaac and Nolan. Unfortunately we had to say good-bye to Isaac because he's going to Iowa for over a month! His mommy said that she'd post pics on their blog so we don't forget him and can see what kinds of things he does in Iowa. We said we'd post pics and videos of us so he doesn't forget us, too. When he gets back we'll be over a year old! We had lots of fun playing with them. Josiah tried to give kisses to both of our friends. We're going to miss our 4 baby play dates. Good thing Nolan is getting more mobile...
Here's Isaac:

This is Nolan:Josiah trying to give Nolan a kiss. Nolan didn't like it.


On our 11/12ths birthday Mommy decided she needed more pictures of us. So before we went to bed she started snapping pictures with that camera of hers. Here are a couple of pics of us at 11 months!
People keep saying that we look more alike. What do you think?

Practice Cake

We spent Grandma's birthday at her house with her and Grandpa. It was lots of fun and we got to eat cake again!! Mommy made something she called a "Practice Cake" and then she would look at it and laugh. We aren't quite sure what it was all about, and we're just glad we got to eat some of it. Here's a picture of the cake. Can you tell what it's supposed to be? Mommy made us black out the number on it so that you don't know what age Grandma just turned...