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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Catching Up...

It's now the end of November and I haven't posted anything for a few weeks. Oops! So here it is - our catch-up postings for this month. The next 7 posts include the birth of a new friend, making new friends, traveling to the east coast, seeing family, preparing for Christmas, and some everyday photos of one of our favorite past-times - BATH TIME!

A Brand New Friend!

We'd like to welcome our newest friend to the world! This is Nolan, the first-born of Andrew and Christine. He's the last of the fab four that we've been waiting for (Jonathan, Josiah and Isaac were the first three). Christine, Sheri, and Jen all got to go through their pregnancies together and lend each other moral support. Now we're all helping each other as we experience being new parents together. Welcome, Nolan! We're so glad you finally came out to play!!

Christmas Cuties

Grandpa and Grandma Wohlford decided that the boys needed Santa hats for Christmas...and that they should have stockings that are big enough for them to fit into. This is the result: Josiah
Josiah (L) and Jonathan (R)



We went to the East Coast a couple of weekends ago for Cousin Chad and Mara's wedding. What a whirlwind, but really fun trip! The boys did well overall, but Mom and Dad were whipped by the end. On our travels, we saw some funny and random things. This was one sign we saw on our drive between NYC and MA.

Nursery Rhymes

We stayed at a lodge in MA where the wedding was. In our room was a book of nursery rhymes. Mark and I have discussed how morbid some nursery rhymes and children's stories/fairy tales are. We sing all sorts of strange songs to our kids - Rock A Bye Baby isn't really all that nice. Anyway, this is the entry for "What Are Little Boys Made Of." Note the words, and then the accompanying illustration. All I have to say is, "EWWWWWWWWW."

Our first Wedding

This is us with Chad and Mara. Their wedding was the primary reason for our first plane ride across the country. We were so glad to be able to go to their wedding. It was so much fun, and we loved meeting Mara for the first time. Since we were born Uncle Dale has been telling Chad that he and Mara could have twins, too. We think that would be fun!! We love you Chad and Mara - Congratulations! Welcome to our family, Mara!!
Here we are with Daddy and Mommy at the reception. We got to wear the bib overalls that Martin and Patrice gave us, and the sweaters that were knitted for us. We think we looked awfully cute!

This is Jonathan with Cletus and Carol. Daddy had never met anyone with the name of Cletus, and it was our first acquaintance with one, too. We like Carol and Cletus a lot!

Visiting the Changs in NYC

We were so fortunate to be able to fly into NYC and see our family there before (and after) the wedding. We stayed at Grandpa and Grandma Chang's house and got to play with them. We also got to meet our Great Aunt Jenny and Great Grandma Chang for the first time. It was Great Grandma Chang's birthday, so we were able to celebrate with her. We loved meeting more of our family. We're excited to see Grandpa and Grandma Chang again at Christmas!

We Love Bathtime!

We really like our bathtime! What makes it even better is that we got some really fun towels from friends and family. Daddy and Mommy think we look really adorable in them, but we have to wear clothes anyway. :)
Jonathan as a seal... Josiah as a polar bear...
Jonathan as a puppy...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Walk, Don't Run

This is your invitation to join me and a few thousand others for the PF Chang Rock N Roll Marathon in January! As the title of this blog implies, I will be walking, not running. If you're reading this you know me, and you know that I'm no athlete. Last year two friends and I volunteered to get up WAAAY before dawn and pass out water to the runners and walkers (see post on "What I Learned About Marathons" from last January). At the time I was pregnant with the current focal points of the Blog of Chang. I think it was then that my friends and I decided that training to do the 1/2 marathon would be a good way to get rid of the baby weight we didn't shed as a result of childbirth.

So the time has come and training has officially begun for the 1/2 marathon! My friends Kelly and Sheri and I are committed to doing it (we'll be more committed when we've actually signed up and paid the registration fee). We'd love to have more friends there walking with us, cheering us on, and Mark and Matt would probably appreciate some friends to help with the boys that day! :) That said, sign up and join us to witness firsthand what could be the only athletic event that I'll participate in throughout my entire adult life!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

4 Months Old!

Jonathan and Josiah are officially 4 months old! Today was their dr. appointment (along with immunizations) and they passed with flying colors. The doctor said they both get A+'s for the day! Jonathan is now 25 3/4 in. long and weighs 14 lbs. 6 oz. Josiah is 25 1/4 in. long and weighs 13 lbs. 6 oz. Their head sizes are almost the same. Josiah is trying hard to catch up to his brother! That one pound difference is proportionally less and less as they get bigger, and we can really tell it! They are doing all the things that they're supposed to be doing - except for sleeping for 10 hours through the night. Oh wait, that's Mommy's wish, not the American Association of Pediatricians expected developmental milestone for 4 months. We hope you enjoy these pics which really show their developing personalities coming through.

*On a side note, Mommy is back at work in a pool position (work when they need me and I can) in the recovery room at the other hospital in the our system. So far it hasn't been too traumatic for Mommy or boys, but Daddy has his hands full on the days that Mommy works! Daddy is still in school and doing well, of course. He's less than 1 1/2 semesters away from graduating and being an RN (that stands for Real Nurse, right?) We're tired, but happy!


Jonathan and Mommy playing with the camera before bedtime. It's a little blurry, but not bad for taking it ourselves!

4 Month Pics

Our new look - pulling the top or bottom lip in and making our faces look chubbier.

Practicing our first "look" for future modeling careers. We haven't named the looks yet. (Blue Steel was already taken... )

Our heads are getting closer in size and shape - we're getting harder to tell apart (depending on the angle and time of night). In these pics Josiah is in the red pants and Jonathan in the yellow.