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Monday, April 26, 2010

Santa Came Back!

On New Year's Eve we went to Papa and Nanny's with our cousins and Nanny Connie and Papa Tom. While we were there Santa Claus came! We weren't really sure of him, but Elijah didn't seem to mind: Our cousins liked him, too:

Santa had presents for all of us - including some new clothes, bat and tee, and Iowa Hawkeye shirts for all three of us boys!!

Post-Christmas Play

We had a nice relaxing time in between Christmas and New Year's Eve. Here we are playing with our favorite gift from Santa - scissors! Elijah just looking cute...Mommy likes how the little bit of hair that he has just sticks up!
Agong, Amah and wouldn't believe how many pictures we had to take to get this one - and this is the best one we got!

Christmas Day, 2009

Here we are on Christmas morning - coming downstairs to see if Santa came:
Look - Santa came and ate the orange and drank the water we left for him!
Opening presents...Santa filled our stockings!

Although we like Santa, Christmas is all about Baby Jesus! Here is our special birthday cake that we made for Him!

Christmas Day was fun! We opened our presents at home, and then Daddy and Mommy went to help with the Christmas Dinner project. After that we went to Aunt Mary's and got to open presents there. We had a big Christmas dinner together. Here is a picture of us with one of our favorite gifts...DRUMS!!

Christmas Eve

Earlier this month we were talking about Santa and Mommy said that we should leave out milk and cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. I (Jonathan) told Mommy, 'That's a GREAT idea!" Well, when it came down to it, we weren't quite sure that we wanted to share our cookies with Santa. We had worked really hard decorating them, and he gets so many cookies anyway. So on Christmas Eve Mommy and Daddy asked what we should leave for Santa. I said cookies, but Josiah immediately said no. They asked Josiah what we should leave, and he said an orange. Now, if you know Josiah, you know that oranges are one of his absolute favorite foods. Daddy had just bought big oranges, so he agreed that Santa could have "ONE big orange." Mommy asked if we should leave anything for Santa to drink, and he said immediately, "Water." So Santa got a big orange and a glass of water at our house. We hope he appreciated that we were looking out for his health. :)

So Sweet!

Here is a sweet picture of Baby Elijah. He's 3 months old and so happy! We love him very much and think he's so cute. Daddy and Mommy say we're very good big brothers. Here are pictures of us with Amah and Agong. They were here for Christmas with us.

Just for Fun

We live where it is sunny all the time, so here we are posing for a picture with our sunglasses. We love each other so much! This is Glendale Glitters! Daddy and Mommy took us to see all the lights and hot air balloons there! There were vendors, music, and all sorts of other fun things. We hope that Daddy and Mommy take us there next year, too!

Christmas Time is Here

We love Christmas time!! This year we really got into the spirit and preparation of everything. One of the best parts was getting to help decorate Christmas cookies! Nanny made a bunch of cookies and had them ready for when we got to her house. We think we're pretty talented. :)

Here are the finished cookies:

This is Elijah at almost 3 months old - he wasn't much help with the cookies. :)

Hall of Flame

We took a little mini-weekend and did fun things around Phoenix. One day we went to the Hall of Flame, which is a fire-fighter museum. We got to see a lot of fire trucks and even play in some. There were really old ones, a real switchboard and all sorts of other fun things.

Here we are in fire-fighter helmets: Driving a fire truck:
Elijah didn't really appreciate the trip as much as we did:

A kid-sized area with hats and coats that fit us!

With Daddy and Smokey the Bear:

The picnic table and outdoor 'ashtray' outside of the fire fighters museum. Mommy thought it was funny...we don't quite understand why...

Aunt Debbie Was Here

Our aunt Debbie came to visit us for a week! It was SO MUCH FUN to have her here. We loved playing with her and having her here. We love you, Aunt Debbie!!

Surprise Party, 2009

Every year Surprise has a two-day party - Friday evening and Saturday all day. This year we went and met our friend Isaac and his family there, and REALLY enjoyed it! We love seeing the hot air balloons, and got to see skydivers jump out of airplanes in the dark. They had flames coming out of their shoes and so we could watch them come all the way down! There were fireworks, too! We loved having so many of our favorite things in once place!!