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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Power of Positive Thinking

Here is a video of us this morning while we were playing with our tee and bat...

Happy Birthday, Isaac!

On Saturday we got to go to Isaac's house for his birthday party! It was so much fun! First, we got to eat cupcakes with Isaac, Nolan and Gavin: There were birthday party hats and noise 'blowers' there for us, too!

Then we played with our friends, watched Isaac open his new presents, and played with a bunch of his new things. It was so much fun! Thanks for inviting us to your party, Isaac! Happy 3rd birthday!
When we got home we didn't want to take off our party hats. We took naps and then came back downstairs for snacks and immediately put our party hats back on. We may keep wearing them until next year... (or the next party)!

Chloe's Little!

Last Friday was haircut day! Mommy, Jonathan, and I went to see Miss Carmen, and Daddy and I took Chloe to the "Puppy Store" where she got a hair cut, too. I was so sad when we dropped her off and couldn't bring her back home with us. Daddy took me to the Black Store (Wal-Mart) and we saw some fish and did some shopping, but I was still sad when we got home and Chloe wasn't there. After our hair cuts we went and picked up Chloe while Mommy was getting her hair cut. We told Mommy, "Chloe's little!" Here is a picture of her after her hair cut. Isn't she cute?!

Nap Time?

The other day we decided we wanted to lay on the couch with Daddy. Here is what it looked like from across the room: Hey wait - I think Jonathan is awake!!
Don't Daddy and Josiah look sweet?
Aha! Josiah is awake, too!
I guess this is what was really going on...

Mommy has said that looks can be deceiving...we proved her right! :)

Creatures of Habit

We've been having playdates with Isaac (and baby Anna) for the past few Mondays...and some days in between. For a while Mommy and Miss Sheri wanted us to pose together for pictures after we cleaned up. Now we think that every time we clean up it's time for pictures. Here is our pose on the toybox from last week: This is baby Anna. We love her a lot. I (Josiah) told Mommy that, "Baby Anna is BEAUTIFUL!"

Friday, August 14, 2009

Kissin' Cousins!

We had dinner with a bunch of our relatives while Ron, Karen, and Adrienne were here. Cousins Lily, Elly, and Andrew were there, so we got a couple of pictures of us all together. We were kind of cooperative, but this is the best picture Mommy could get! You can definitely tell who are siblings, but we don't think we look much like our cousins. :)

Play Outside - Really?!

Last weekend the weather cooled down a little bit here. It was so nice that Daddy and Mommy let us go outside to play! We went outside on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. It was so good to be outside. We played in our play house, rode our bikes, and generally ran around like crazy! Mommy was so excited that she took pictures of us outside. And yes, we wore our pajamas outside because we didn't have time to change when we didn't know how long it was going to be cool enough to play outside! :)

Our New Friends

After our vacation we all got colds. It was no fun and we were inside for over a week! The worst part was that Great Uncle Ron, Aunt Karen, and cousin Adrienne were visiting and we couldn't go and see them. We finally got well enough that by Friday we were able to spend all day with them! We love them and call them our new friends. Here are some pictures of us with them:

This is Mommy's cousin Adrienne - we wish we would've gotten to meet her husband, Joel, but he wasn't able to come this time.
Here we are with Ron and Karen. Don't they look like fun?!

Happy Birthday!

The weekend after our vacation we got to see Uncle Larry, Uncle Dave and Michelle to celebrate Uncle Larry's birthday. We don't know how old he is, but we think he's 4. We had lots of fun swimming at Uncle Larry's and then eating lots of yummy food! Hope you had a great birthday, Uncle Larry!


We learned a new word last month....Vacation. Vacation is a wonderful thing! We picked up Nanny and PaPa and went across town. We ate a lot, played a lot, and got to stay in a place called a resort. The resort was lots of fun and had pools and a lazy river and we had our own little house to stay in. We slept in the same room as Daddy and Mommy, but in the morning we got up and Nanny and PaPa were in the next room! We'd run around the corner and get in bed with them and play until breakfast time. It was so much fun! We think we should have vacation much more often. Here are a few pictures of us on vacation with Daddy, Mommy, PaPa and Nanny...

Train Park!

On our second day of vacation (there's that wondeful word, again!), we went to the train park in Scottsdale. We were originally supposed to go to the Grand Canyon and ride on a big train, but Mommy's doctor said she shouldn't travel. Daddy and Mommy wanted us to be able to have a train ride, so we went to the train park.

While we were waiting for the train they ran the carousel. Nanny and PaPa thought we should have our first carousel ride, so they took us on it. We surprised Daddy and Mommy by absolutely enjoying every second of the ride! Here is a picture of us on our horses: Here we are on the train! We really liked the train ride and can't wait to go back when the weather is nicer. There are big trains to explore and it's a really pretty park. We didn't even miss the big train ride!
And in case you're wondering, I (Josiah) choose to wear my hat either backwards or to the side. I rarely put it on the 'normal' way. :)
After the train ride we went back to our resort and swam in the pools and splashed in the lazy river. We love vacation!!

Museum/Play Place!

On our first day of vacation (we love that word!) we went to the Phoenix Children's Museum. It was more of an interactive play place than a museum, and it was so much fun! We played so hard and were fully entertained at each exhibit. Here are a few pictures from it - and you have to check out the video at the end...

Thsi one was a set of tubes that you put scarves into and the air flow would make them go out different places. We LOVED playing with these and catching the colorful scarves as they erupted out of the tubes!
This video was one of Daddy's and our favorites. It was a little area that had things about Arizona. As you can see, there was a painted 'cactus' that you could put big, stuffed animal spiders onto. We cranked the handle and the spiders would 'climb' up the cactus and then at the top they'd fly off. The first one we figured out Mommy was standing about 7 feet away and the spider flew right for her! It was so funny!! Mommy didn't scream as loud as we thought she would, but Daddy laughed and laughed. Here is the video of us and the spiders:

Backyard Buddy

This is a picture of our newfound backyard friend!Mommy saw him and thought we should take a picture. Can you believe that Mommy isn't scared of him? She said she actually wants him to stay in our yard! We think it's because he eats bugs and things, so the benefits outweigh the fear in Mommy. We think he's pretty neat and hope he'll let us play with him some day!