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Friday, July 24, 2009

Potty Party!

Well, we don't have any pictures for it, but the reason we haven't been posting a lot is because we're in the process of potty training!! We started on July 9th, and have been working really hard at it. We picked up on it really quickly, and don't have a lot of accidents. Mommy says we only have 'on-purposes' we REALLY mean to do it. Well, maybe...but we're not telling! Daddy and Mommy are so proud of us, and they've done a good job in remembering to take us to the potty every so often. We're ready to get out of the house more, but Mommy still isn't quite brave enough to tackle big outings. We're going to be really good this weekend so that she'll change her mind. :) Mommy is just really happy to have a couple of 'diaper-free' months in our house. We're big boys now and are ready to be big brothers!!

When the Bough Breaks...

The whole tree comes down! We had a storm the other night, and when we woke up in the morning, this is what the tree in our front yard looked like: Daddy and Mommy think it may have gotten hit by lightning, but they didn't hear it happen, so they're not sure. If you look closely in this picture, you can see a dark spot in the middle, but the rest of the tree looks perfectly healthy.
We're still waiting for a landscaper to come and take away the tree. We don't know what is going to replace it, but hopefully something less thorny! Until then, it will be a little bare in our front yard!

Painting Projects!

This month Mommy, Daddy and our friend Valerie painted in our house. They let us help a very little bit (we wanted to do more). They did a great job, and we really like the new colors. Here is a picture of the downstairs - they painted the hallway and one wall of the kitchen in this yellowy-beige color:
This is baby brother's room - it's light blue and dark brown (the brown looks kind of black, but really it is brown). Daddy and Mommy are going to decorate with monkeys in there - and here is what the monkeys will look like on the wall color:

Summer Play Time

We have had lots of fun going to see our friend Isaac and his baby sister, Anna. Mommy doesn't really have any good pictures of it, but Jonathan really likes to hold baby Anna and we both love being around her and just watching her. We still ask to pet her sometimes, but are trying to remember that we pet our animals, not babies. Here is a picture of us with Isaac sitting together on his toybox - and we're all smiling!! Aren't we all so cute?!

Splish Splash!

Well, it's not exactly a bath, but we think it should count! This is what we do at Nanny and Papa's house for fun when it's so hot outside! They got a big orange bucket and they fill it with water. We start out by playing with our watering cans and other outside toys, but somehow we always manage to end up in the tub! It's so much fun to splash...and a great way to keep cool in the heat!