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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Birthdaversary!

On Monday we had a little party for Nanny and Papa to celebrate Nanny's birthday and Papa and Nanny's anniversary. Here is a picture of Nanny opening the present from Uncle Dave: We helped Mommy and Daddy make a dirt cake for Nanny and Papa. This was because it was their 41st anniversary, and the traditional gift for this anniversary is land. At first Mommy thought it meant real estate, but apparently that's for the 42nd anniversary. Here is a picture of us with the dirt cake:

We (of course) helped Nanny blow out the candles on her birthdaversary cake. We are getting really good at it and will be in top form for when it's our birthday!


Here is a fun picture Mommy took of us floating in the water together: As you can see, we like to float and swim, but we didn't like wearing our swimming trunks. We refused to wear them the whole three weeks of swimming. If Mommy would've let us, we probably would've chosen to swim without the swim diapers, too. :)

Swimmers, Take Your Mark

We have been so busy we forgot to post our videos of our last ISR Lesson. We did really well and are great in the water now! Miss Heather wanted us to swim together so she could get pictures of us. Here is a video of the process. She got a total of two pictures, and we had a LOT of tries. We won't name names, but one of us liked to let go of the other's hand and jump in the water right away. Anyway, enjoy the funny video!

Monday, May 18, 2009

It's A...

For any of you who haven't heard (is there really anyone out there who hasn't??), Mommy and Daddy are giving us a baby brother. We're so excited! Here are a couple of the ultrasound pics from the appointment:

Baby brother is doing great. He's got all of his parts, everything is functioning, and he is even more active than we are! We keep asking if baby brother is coming out yet, but Mommy and Daddy say we have to wait. We can't wait to meet you, Baby Brother!!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Swimming Like Fish

Here is our day 10 of swimming lessons video. We're doing great and will be done after next week. We got a little flustered in our clothes, so the big people decided that one more week would be a good idea. We did it on purpose...we love swimming!!

ISR Clothes Day

We have done so well in our swimming lessons! Last week we did our clothes 'test' with Miss Heather. It was hard work, but we did a good job. Here is a video of us swimming in our winter clothes...and yes, a winter jacket here is a hoodie, not a down parka.