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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby C

Well, the news is out! Baby "C" is on its way! When Mommy was pregnant with us, we were Baby A and Baby B, so we figure this one must be Baby C, right? Mommy has been sick and no fun for the last few weeks. Our new favorite thing to tell her is, "All done Mommy sick!" We think that there should be two babies, but Mommy says there is only one. Oh well, we'll take what we can get! You can follow the link on the left or below:

to make a guess on the new baby's stats (boy/girl, birth date, etc.). Pray that Mommy starts to feel better soon so that we can eat more than just sandwiches when she's 'cooking.' :)

Monday, February 09, 2009

Smiling Faces

Did you miss seeing our smiling faces? Mommy hasn't been so good about downloading the pics from the camera, so we haven't gotten to post our cute grins for a while. Here are a couple of our latests 'portraits' that show some of our personality!
Josiah Jonathan:
Yes, I'm sporting Mommy's headband and sitting in a dump truck.

Winter Picnic

Here's one of the benefits to living in a warm climate: winter picnics! Since the weather has been nice Daddy and Mommy let us eat outside sometimes. We love it!!

Aquatic Excursions

We have been spending a lot of time at the zoo lately. Daddy and Mommy got us annual passes last year (before they have to pay for us) and we love it! Mommy finally remembered to take her camera so that we can put pics of our new favorite exhibits - the aquarium!! There is a new entrance with birds just hanging out:
This is an octopus. We haven't seen him move yet, only sleep:
These are the penguins. We think they're pretty neat to watch: We learned that there are many kinds of sea horses:

And this is an electric eel, which isn't really an eel at all! Here is the stingray petting area - we haven't gotten up the nerve to actually pet one yet, but wer'e getting closer:
This is a shark tank! Can you find the sharks in there?
Mommy likes this fish:
And this one, too:

Here is the albino alligator:

We are so glad that Mommy and Daddy take us to the zoo. We love all the animals...well, most of them. :)


One of our new favorite things to play is "Haircut." One of us sits in a chair while the other one gives the haircut. If you notice, Jonathan is the client and I (Josiah) am the barber. Jonathan has a hammer in his hand, because before we start the client gets a lollipop (just like Miss Carmen does for us before she cuts our hair). Here I am 'cutting' Jonathan's hair. I even remember to use water and 'scissors.'

Playground Time

This winter (after Christmas) has been really mild. Mommy and Daddy have taken us outside to play a lot. We LOVE being outside. Here we are at a park near Aunt Mary's house. We were pretending to be pirates and steering our pirate ship:


We started off the new year with a sleepover at Nanny and Papa's house. It was so much fun! Here are some pics of us arriving at their house with our backpacks full of our overnight gear:
Jonathan: Josiah: