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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Lately we have found a wonderful thing called "loopholes." Loopholes are things not said in rules that help you to figure out a way around the rules. Unfortunately as soon as we find a loophole, Daddy and Mommy find a new way to state the rule. It's always worth a try, though.

For example, we've been exercising our independence in many ways recently. One way is going up and down the stairs, and trying to do it without holding on to the railing or to somebody's hand. Daddy and Mommy don't necessarily like it when we try to do that, so they told us one day, "You can't go up or down the stairs without holding onto someone's hand." Fair enough. When we got up from our nap that day we headed for the stairs as Mommy was straightening our room. We started going down, holding each other's hand! We were doing just fine, but Daddy and Mommy discovered us and quickly amended the rule to be, "You can't go down the stairs without holding onto Mommy or Daddy's hand." We also tried this with a similar rule, "You must hold hands in a parking lot, while walking on the sidewalk, etc." We now try to hold each other's hand instead of Mommy's. If one of us is holding Mommy's hand, that should count, right?!

We know that Daddy and Mommy keep 'changing' the rules, but we're going to keep trying to find those loopholes, anyway. Maybe someday it will work and we'll truly be able to outsmart Daddy and Mommy.