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Friday, October 14, 2011

Another Busy Weekend

It seems to be a pattern that we have BUSY weekends around here. On this particular one, Mommy decided to cut my bangs...They weren't too bad, but I can't wait for Miss Diana to be ready to cut my hair again! Daddy was off work because he was supposed to be doing his final project for school. He took some time to go with me and Mommy to get my two year old pictures taken.
When we got done with pictures we went out to eat for lunch. Daddy and Mommy liked it a lot! I was just hungry. :)

When Mommy picked up my brothers from school, Josiah had Clifford!! We got to spend an entire weekend with Clifford! Here is Clifford at the post office with us:
We went to Macayo's for dinner and brought Clifford there, too:
Clifford likes margaritas. I'm not sure why he got to try it but I didn't.
Clifford went to soccer with Josiah. He got to play goalie!
On Sunday it was Papa's birthday, so Clifford got to go to the birthday party, too!
We had a great weekend. I wonder if Daddy got his project done in between all those activities?!

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