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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter, Part 2

The rest of the day we spent with family at Papa and Nana's house. We had a birthday party for Daddy and Aunt Debbie, so we got lots of yummy food (including birthday Apple Dumplings and birthday Ice Cream Cake). Then we got to hunt for more Easter Eggs. The eggs that the Easter bunny left at Papa and Nana's house weren't plastic, though...

As you can see from the videos, we were way too excited to take time to be delicate with the eggs. That's why they come with shells, right?!
*Did you notice that we switched baskets?! I (Jonathan) have the blue one, and Josiah has the green one. :)


Blogger Jess and fam said...

And the little booster seats--just like ours (though you have double). This is just like taking a tour through my own house, only the kids are Asian :o) (and remarkably cute I might add!)

7:36 PM  

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