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Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Favorite Uncle Went to Hawaii...

And he brought me back this coconut purse! Uncle Larry tells Mommy all the time that she's his favorite niece. He's been saying it for years. He also says it to all his other nieces. He has a knack for buying wonderful gifts for his nieces, and didn't disappoint this time! In the past, he bought Aunt Debbie a coconut purse, and so he found one for Mommy on his Hawaii trip. Mommy is sure that everyone will be jealous of this!!

Thanks, Uncle Larry!!

Helmets, Please

Last week we decided that we wanted to wear our helmets while we rode our bikes. Mommy got some pictures of us, as well as a video. We love wearing our helmets and riding our bikes. If you watch the video, you'll see that we really do need our helmets on!!

Naptime with Daddy

Last week we weren't feeling so well, and we were kind of fussy. One day Daddy laid down with us for nap time. It was so nice! We fell asleep cuddled up with Daddy. Mommy came to check on us and this is what she found:

We don't like being sick, but we sure love having our naptime with Daddy!

Great Grandma!

Our Great Grandma is here to visit us for 6 whole weeks! She stayed with Nanny and Papa while Uncle Larry and Dave, Aunt Sheila and Uncle Dan went to Hawaii. We got to spend lots of time with her, and she took us outside to play every time we were there. We are so glad that she came to visit. This picture is Jonathan sitting on her lap.