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Friday, June 27, 2008


Here we are waiting for our lessons with Miss Heather. We decided we like the water, and it's so much fun to play in it while we wait our turn.

I (Josiah) tend to be a little more shy about getting in at first. Here I am with Daddy coming over to join brother:

This is my brother with a silly grin on his face (and me in the background).

Day 25 ISR

Yes, we're still doing our swimming lessons. Here are this week's videos - with Miss Heather! We picked up right where we left off with Miss Cari...Smiles and all!!

Here I (Jonathan) am:

Here is our new thing - High 5s to each other in between lessons:

And here's Josiah:

Elizabeth Malise

We told you that we have a new cousin...and now we have pictures to prove it! Elizabeth Malise was born on June 24. She, her mommy and daddy, and big brother Caedmon are all happy and healthy! Welcome to the world, little cousin!


Doesn't Caedmon look like he'll be a wonderful big brother?!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Zachary David

We added a new link on our side bar for Zachary David. He was born on June 16th and went to be with Jesus on June 17th. You can see his story by clicking on the link to his page. We are praying for his family as they adjust to life without him here. We love you baby Zachary!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A New Cousin!!

We got word today that our first ever girl cousin was born today! Elizabeth (Libby) was born this morning at 10:15 a.m. She was 6 lbs. 13 oz., and healthy! We're so excited and hope we get to meet her soon. We'll post some pictures of our baby cousin as soon as we can...congrats to Uncle Tom, Aunt Lynette, and Cousin Caedmon on the newest addition to their family!!

Twin Speak?

Mommy caught us on video yesterday...Jonathan found his voice, and Josiah wasn't sure he wanted to use his...

Water, Water, Everywhere!

Mommy remembered reading a post from Miss Jesseca's blog about letting her girls play with water and measuring cups one day. So last night while Mommy was trying to keep us out of trouble so that she could get some stuff done, she thought that was a good idea for us. Here is the result:
Jonathan: "Look at me smile, Mom!" Josiah: "This is more fun than getting in trouble!"
Jonathan: "Look, Josiah, I put my feet in!"
Josiah: "More water, please!"
Jonathan and Josiah: "Slurp."
As you can tell, Mommy ended up taking pictures of us instead of getting her work done. And we got water all over the kitchen. And we were pretty wet, too. We had lots of fun and we think we should do it again soon!!

P.S. Boys play in water a little differently than girls do... :)

Happy Hair Cuts!

We went to a new place to get our hair cut yesterday. It was lots of fun because there were toys there, we got to watch videos, sit in a race car, and eat candy. What better way to get your hair cut is there? The bad news is that Mommy didn't have the camera (it was kind of a spur of the moment trip). Mommy did take some pictures when we got home. Here is our response to the question "Where's your smile?"



Friday, June 20, 2008

Day 22...and Counting

Here are our videos from our 22nd lesson. Now that we're in the 20's Mommy thinks it sounds like a lot of lessons. She says we're doing great considering we had a rough start with being sick, and then a week off when we went to Illinois. Today we tried something new...smiling at lessons! Yes, we assure you the little boys in these videos are the same ones from the past weeks. Here are the videos:

Yes, it's true! I (Josiah) was saying "More!" instead of "All Done!" and we were both happy in the water. Hard to believe we were the wailing boys you saw in last week's videos!

*Oops! We accidentally posted Jonathan twice and no Josiah. It's fixed now...thanks Isaac!*

Pool Pics

Here are the pictures of us swimming today! Our instructor, Miss Cari, is leaving us to go and teach other kids how to swim, so today was our last day with her. We got a special treat and got to swim with both Miss Cari and Miss Heather! It was so much fun. We decided on the way to the lessons that we wanted to swim today. I (Jonathan) ran to the pool and jumped right into Miss Cari's arms! You can see in the pictures and videos we both did great today, and we both smiled through our lessons. Miss Cari was so proud of us! So were Mommy and Daddy!!

Here I (Jonathan) am with Miss Cari. I was so excited to jump in and swim to Miss Heather...and then back to Miss Cari!
Here is Josiah and Miss Cari. He's even smiling about it, too!This is Josiah after he swam to the bar. Every time he made it to the bar he'd pull himself up and grin!This is why Daddy and Mommy are making us take lessons. They think that one of us might fall in or something. I don't know where they get that idea...I was just playing with Squirt, Miss Heather's turtle and he wanted to swim!

Father's Day Phone Call

We love talking on the phone now - especially if we get to hold it ourselves! This is a picture of Jonathan talking to Daddy on Father's Day...Daddy had to work on Father's Day. Don't worry, though, we celebrated the day before!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 17 Videos

Here are the videos from our swimming today. We had a rough week. On Tuesday and Wednesday we decided we really didn't like swimming. Then Miss Cari started flipping us in the water. Now we will do whatever she wants (most of the time)...especially when she says we're almost done!

If you'll notice, Josiah stops crying almost completely - and we see a hint of a smile, too!

After swimming we got to splash at the splash pad by the pool:

Family Night!

The multiples club had a family night on Tuesday, and we got to go! Apparently we have a really big family, because there were 30 kids there! It was lots of are a few pictures of us and our friends:

Apparently you can get a license before you turn 2! Hmm...Mommy said we aren't supposed to wear socks and sandals!
"I'm being good, Mommy. Look at me (Jonathan) sit like a big boy with Jesse and Alex!"


The other day I (Josiah) figured out how much easier it is to play the piano when I bring my stool over and sit on it. Now I'm a real pianist!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Day 12 Josiah

Today was our 12th swimming lesson. Mommy and Daddy say that they're proud of us and are surprised at how much we've learned in only a few lessons. We still cry through our lessons, but mostly to see if someone will rescue us. It's hard work!!

Here I (Josiah) am with Miss Cari. I pretend like I don't want to get in, but I still do everything she tells me to. I even give her smiles before and after lessons!

Here is my video of today's lesson. Notice in the first part I'm a multi-tasker. I'm floating, signing, and saying, "All Done!" at the same time. The next part is me flipping and swimming to the bar.

Day 12 Jonathan

Here is my (Jonathan) account of swimming today. I decided this week that maybe I should start floating. It really is easier when I do what Miss Cari asks me to do. Here is a picture of me getting in the water. I look really sad and pathetic, but right before it was taken I practically leaped into Miss Cari's arms. Here is the video of me floating and doing flip-overs (swim-float-swim):


Our van got an owie this week. Thankfully nobody was in the van when it happened, and the person who bumped into our van has insurance. Mommy was quite surprised when she tried to get into the van and the door wouldn't open, though! It happened in a parking lot at night, and Mommy thought the damage looked much worse in the daylight. Here is a picture of the passenger side where it's all crunched up: Maybe the place that does the body work will also wash it for us... :)

Nap Time

Last week I (Josiah) got to take a nap with Daddy on the couch. Don't we look all comfy and cozy? I love it when Daddy is home with us!