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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Daddy's Turn

Daddy's celebrity look-alikes, too. (Mommy's are below). :)


So Mommy decided to copy Rosie and see which celebrities she most resembled. Two surprising things happened...she looked most like Barbara Streisand, and Sandra Oh didn't even come up! Hmmm...See what you think:

Saturday, April 21, 2007

At Last...

As promised, here are some pics that our friend Paula and her sister Amanda did for us. We think they did a great job!!


We found the doggie door, so Mommy thinks she has to block it when she lets us wander around the kitchen. We were conspiring with Chloe to see if we could figure out a way that we could all get out. (We didn't.)
Jonathan is a little better at crawling and climbing than I am. We knocked over the pillow on one side of our fort, but when it was my turn to get out, I got stranded. :(

Two Cousins!!!

We're so excited that we have TWO cousins who live here. We told you about our new cousin Ellyn, and last weekend we got to meet her in person.

This is cousin Ellyn on our Grandma's lap. We decided we'd share our grandma just this once...

This is our cousin Lilly who is now the big sister! She decided to play dress up while we were there.

This is a picture of our cousins with their Daddy and Mommy. They said they were tired, but we think they look awfully happy anyway!

Monkey See, Monkey Do

We like to teach each other fun things to do. Mommy caught us on video while I (Jonathan) was showing Josiah how to do one of my favorite things."

Playing at Grandma's

We had such a busy day yesterday! After we saw our new friends (see post below) Mommy brought us back to Grandma's house and we had so much fun crawling around and playing there! Grandma lets us roam all over her house - no "super play yards" or "forts" there to keep us contained!! Here are a couple of pictures of us being cute and trying to look innocent.

"I'm perfectly innocent, Grandma!"

"Let's go in opposite directions!"

"I'm ready for a bath...bring on the water!!"

Jonathan's First Kiss??

Yesterday Mommy took us up to Prescott to meet some new friends! She told us that she knew their Mommy and Daddy way back when she was in college. They were visiting family in Prescott (they are from Colorado) and since they were so close we thought it would be fun to get together! We had lots of fun and Jonathan even tried to get his first kiss (don't tell his other girlfriends...) So here are some pictures of us with our new friends the Reiger family.

Josiah sitting on Derek's lap while Micah reads to them.

Jonathan trying to get Madeline's attention. I (Josiah) don't think she liked it.

Jonathan trying to get his first kiss from Madeline while I (Josiah) just giggled at them!

Madeline and her Mommy Erin after she was rescued from us.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Two frequently asked questions of the Chang household:

1) Do they ever cry?
2) Do they speak Chinese?

The answer to both:

Jonathan is sitting on the side crying and in the middle Josiah says, "Baba." Josiah has been saying "MA MA" and "BA BA" over and over. In Chinese that's Mommy and Daddy.

So the answer is yes, to both! :)

Monday, April 09, 2007

Fishy Face

One of the funny things that I (Jonathan) like to do is make faces. I have one that Mommy calls a 'Fishy Face' where I pull the corners of my upper lip in. She hasn't gotten a good picture of it, but this one is close...

Hoppy Easter!

We had such a fun Easter! It lasted all weekend for us! We got to spend all day Friday at Grandpa and Grandma's house. Mommy and Grandma made us lots of food. Somehow they thought that they should get some of our food, too, and so we shared some of our applesauce with them.
The Easter Bunny came to Grandpa and Grandma's house instead of our house. We didn't really care that he got the address wrong - we still got our Easter baskets! They were full of fun things for us! When we came back to Grandpa and Grandma's on Saturday the Easter Bunny had hidden lots of those fun little eggs for us to find. We enjoyed finding and playing with the first three or four, but then the mystery and fun was gone.

On Sunday we went to church with Daddy and Mommy and got to play with the fun people in the nursery. That afternoon we got to go to Uncle Larry's and have Easter Dinner with him, Dave, Grandma Issy, Grandma and Grandpa, Michelle, Karen and Bernard. We were very good boys and got lots of attention.

Today Mommy took us out and we got some more things that the Easter Bunny didn't get a chance to put in our baskets. Mommy said she's one of the Easter Bunny's helpers. We think that's kind of like being one of Santa's Elves. We got bucket hats with ties that go around our chins and sunglasses! We don't know if we'll like wearing either one of those things, but Mommy and Daddy say it's important that we do. We're sure that Mommy or Daddy will take pictures of us in those and they'll appear on the blog like everything else does...

Enjoying our Easter Baskets:
Mommy, the basket doesn't go on my head!
Look at all the fun stuff I got! I especially like the Easter grass!
I can carry my teether around like a pro.
I have all the toys from my Easter basket around me. No stealing them from me!


Here we are sitting in our high chairs! We don't know why Mommy took the first pictures - Probably just because she thought we looked cute. Though you can't really see these outfits, they are gifts from Uncle Dale and Aunt Judy. Daddy said that they give better gifts to us than cards to him. We aren't sure of what that means.
These next two pictures were taken the day after the ones above. Mommy gave us these yummy cookies that we can chew on and then they get all soggy and we can eat them and squish them through our fingers and rub them all over everything! We love them and wish she'd give them to us more often!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

A New Friend

Mommy and Daddy's friends Amie and Keith had a baby girl on our 9 month birthday (so many people share our "month" birthdays - see next post). Her name is Adelaine. We think that she should be one of our first girlfriends (we haven't decided on which one of us is the lucky guy). :) Here is a picture of her on one of her first car rides:

Welcome to the world, Addie!

The New Baby!

We have a new baby in the family!! No, Mommy isn't having a baby. Our cousin Lilly has a new baby sister, Ellyn Denyse! Mommy's cousin Kyle and his wife Jen had their baby girl on our 9 month birthday. We haven't gotten to meet her yet because we've had colds, but here is a picture that Lilly sent to us...

Welcome to the world, little cousin!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

9 Month Stats

We had our 9 month check-ups yesterday and we found out that we are little for our age! Can you believe it?!

Jonathan is 16 lbs. 12 oz. and 26 3/4 in. long.
Josiah is 16 lbs. 5 oz. and 26 1/2 in. long.

We are under 5% for weight and right around 5% for height. Our dreams of being basketball stars are fading fast...


Here are a couple of the pics of Jonathan from yesterday's photo shoot...

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