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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Escape Artists

Here are Mommy's little escape artists getting out of the fortress. Their new thing is that Jonathan starts out and Josiah follows. I can't figure out if Josiah is trying to get a free piggy back ride out or climb over Jonathan. Whatever it is, they both think it's pretty funny!
P.S. Jonathan cut two teeth in one day!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

And we thought we were advanced...

We thought we were going through the developmental stages so quickly, what with the crawling and climbing and creeping along furniture, but we were wrong! Our friend Linus is already typing and made his very own blog. We still have Mommy and Daddy help us make entries - and we just put it on their blog. Even though we have overtaken their blog, it's not quite the same as having your very own! Linus Drake is one of our friends who we introduced to you when he was born. He is a little younger than us, and our mommies went to jr. high and high school together. We haven't met him in person yet, but we love exchanging pics and stories with him! We like pen-pals! (Are they still called pen-pals when you communicate through e-mail?) The link to Linus' blog is now on the sidebar, too! Enjoy!

p.s. don't forget to tell him how cute he is, too!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Favorite Toys

Here we are in some of our favorite toys!
Jonathan has found that when he escapes from the living room fortress, climbing in the bottom of the exersaucer is as much fun as being in the top! Josiah really enjoys the Jumperoo!

Thanks, Stacey, for letting us borrow these...we promise to return them soon!!

Valentine's Day Dessert/Disaster

This was supposed to be a peach cobbler.
Mark said it tasted good. Isn't he sweet?

Where's the baby?

Here's what I saw when I came down the stairs yesterday:

Initially I could only see Josiah, and none of Jonathan. As I investigated further, I saw Jonathan's little feet (upper right corner).

Here's what it looked like from the 'other side' of the fortress:

My little escape artists keep me running these days (and they like to go in opposite directions, of course). :)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Grandmas Wohlford Project

Here we are in the sleep sacks that Great Grandma Wohlford and Grandma Wohlford made for us!
Thanks Grandmas!!!


Here's Jonathan in action climbing the pillow fortress:


That was the high temperature here the past few days. (That's above 0, and without a windchill factor.)

Fun With Buddy

We like Larry and Dave's dog, Buddy. He's much bigger than us, but he's very gentle and let us pet him.

Look, brother, I see the doggy!

Why did he turn his head away?

He hid his nose from us!

I'm petting the doggy!

*Buddy was not harmed in the making of this picture sequence. In fact, he was rescued from the boys right after this picture was taken.

Matchy Matchy

Mommy and Daddy don't dress us alike too often, but sometimes it's a fun thing to do! This time we got pictures!! Can you tell who's who??

Fun at Uncle Larry's

Great Grandma Wohlford returned to the cold, cold, cold state of IL last Sunday. Before she left we had a little gathering with her at Uncle Larry's. The rule for bringing something is that we all had to bring something that we'd never made before. We all picked good recipes, so we didn't even have to order pizza to salvage the meal! Jonathan and Josiah got to sit at the table with us - in their Bumbo seats! They looked so little at that big table: Here are the lively Wohlfords after the meal...apparently Wohlford gatherings all look similar whether in IL or AZ. :)


In this, the second month of the year, I thought I'd post some interesting "2" facts about the Chang household.

2 Babies are crawling.
Jonathan trying to escape the pillow play fortress:Josiah playing on the floor:
2 Cribs are in the nursery. We had one in Daddy and Mommy's room for a long time, which was very handy for when Mommy wanted to contain the babies so she could shower and get ready in the morning. However, since two babies are now mobile and crawling it seemed the right time to separate their sleeping quarters. We'd been finding (on multiple occasions) that they like to climb on top of each other and stay there - whether sleeping or awake!

2 Babies are climbing. Jonathan started climbing very soon after he started crawling. Josiah still prefers the pivot-on-the-tummy-and-roll move, but will also crawl and climb a little bit. Because of those new developments, we now have a play 'fortress' in the living room (made of couches, ottoman, chair, and cushions). The master bedroom sitting area can also be converted into a play fortress with just a few pillows!
Jonathan climbing the living room cushion fortress:Josiah working on his pivot/crawling moves:
2 foods are now being eaten at 2 (and sometimes 3) mealtimes. They are now eating their oatmeal cereal along with a veggie. We introduced peas yesterday. Josiah hated them so much that his whole body shuddered every time the spoon came near his mouth. At the third feeding he was so afraid it was peas again that he wouldn't even try the food when we brought it to his mouth (it was squash). Don't worry, though, he's not starving!