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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


The House of Chang is changing every day! Jonathan loves to "stand" with a little help. Josiah thinks sitting up in the Bumbo makes him Big Stuff. And Mommy (finally) got a haircut and new style.

12 Weeks Old

We're 12 weeks old!!!

Josiah playing with Grandma.

Daddy playing with Jonathan (I think Daddy was having fun, Jonathan was not amused).

Gangsta Babies

Grandma and Grandpa Wohlford bought these outfits for us way before we were born. We love the rompers, but we're not sure about the hats. These pics were taken on our 12 week birthday!

Getting Bigger...

Here we are in cute coordinating outfits...almost 12 weeks old!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

My 9/11

My 9/11 didn't really start until after the fact. I went on a spur of the moment trip to NYC just a few days after 9/11 to help out with relief - not knowing exactly what that meant. I went with Buck and Jess and our friend Lenni (where are you Lenni??). Through God's timing we met up with others from Campus Crusade and were able to help out by setting up a home base/headquarters for others coming in to help in the days and weeks to come. It was quite an experience! I didn't necessarily get to see the fruits of my labor, but know that God used the work that we did there in huge ways peoples' lives.

Here are some photos that I took during that time...

Lenni, me, Jesseca, and Buck before heading out on our first day.

Looking from the outside in - days after 9/11 and the smoke was still rising.

Lenni and I were given the chance to see Ground Zero from a nearby building the day before I left NYC.

We can always find humor...we went on a boat tour and apparently the sun was too warm for some - this was just one of our fellow passengers with a box/sunshade/hat.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

10 Weeks!

By popular are more pics of us at 10 weeks old. We're growing so fast now! We're wearing our 0-3 month clothes (Mommy was kind of sad to see the preemie and newborn clothes get packed away). We are interacting more and more with each other and with Mommy and Daddy. We're still not sleeping through the night - Mommy and Daddy hope that comes soon. We think they'd miss us if we didn't see them every couple of hours. Not much else is happening in our lives...just eating, sleeping, and going through diapers. :) Oh yeah - we go and visit Grandma and Grandpa Wohlford as often as we can - they cuddle us non-stop...what a treat!
These are cute outfits that Cousin Britni gave to us...we think we're pretty cute in them!Jonathan is so happy after his morning feeding!Josiah is just chillin'Don't we look cute sitting up?
Thanks for the rompers Jolynne and Nate!!

This is our doggy George. Daddy brought him home from his haircut the other day and we didn't recognize him. We thought Daddy got the wrong doggy. Then he started playing and jumping around and we knew he was ours!