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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Baby, Baby, Baby

Yesterday was the day for BABIES!

Baby...Our friends Matt and Sheri welcomed their little guy into the world! Isaac Paul was born at 5:40 a.m., weighing in at 6 lbs. 9 oz. He's so cute with a head full of blond hair. Jonathan and Josiah are so excited to have another little boy to pal around with! Congratulations Matt and Sheri!!!

Baby...Jonathan weighed in at 9 lbs. 7 oz. yesterday. He is growing like crazy!! He took his immunizations like a little trooper and passed his check-up with flying colors.

Baby...Josiah weighed in at 8 lbs. 8 oz. at his 2 month appointment yesterday. He's still under the 5th %-ile on the growth chart. I think he may just be our little peanut for a while. :) He also did great with his immunizations.

That's the latest update from us. :)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Linus Drake

Better late than's the picture (and name) of our newest friend in Iowa!! I wrote about his arrival previously, but didn't the face or name. :) So here he is!!! Congrats again, Erin and Taro!

Friday, August 25, 2006

8 Weeks and Growing

We're 8 weeks old now, and we're getting big! Last night we slept until our feeding times without fussing in between. Mommy was extra happy this morning for some reason. We even got out of the house for an outing to see Grandma this morning...and without Daddy's help! We were tired and fell asleep in our carseats by the time we got home. Mommy took pictures of us then just in case we wouldn't cooperate for other pictures today. Of course, we're good little boys and proved her wrong! Here are the most up-to-date pictures of us!

Josiah sound asleep in the car seat.

Ditto for Jonathan.

I like my brother!

We did what Mommy thought was impossible...smiled at the same time for the camera!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

7 Weeks Old!

We're 7 weeks old now and we think it's a lot of fun! Can you still tell us apart??

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


To our friends Erin and Taro on the birth of their son! Erin and I met in 7th grade and have been friends ever since. We have always kept in touch (if loosely) and then ended up being pregnant at the same time. It's been so fun going through our pregnancies together! I felt like she was a huge part of mine as we compared notes and shared the milestones of gestation with each other. :)

Today she gave birth to a 21 inch long, 8 lb. 15 1/2 ounce bouncing baby boy! Jonathan and Josiah are so excited about their new Iowan friend - and we can't wait to hear his name. :) Congrats, Erin and Taro - we love you all!! Welcome to the world Baby Boy!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I added another friend to the sidebar - Rosie! I don't know where to begin with this description. :) Rosie and I met in college, and I'm not really sure of how that happened. I really don't remember meeting her at all. I do, however, remember lots of other things. Mostly crazy things like late night fish-buying, April Fool's Day pranks, water fights, road trips, etc. I also recall some wonderful talks, tears, laughter, and many phone calls, chats, and e-mails of encouragement. Rosie is now in Iowa City, but making mischief all over the midwest!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

In the Mini-Van

Some babies are calmed by car rides. Some babies aren't.
Yes, we've joined the ranks of mini-van driving suburbanites. Gone are the days of the two door, stick shift hatchback zipping around the streets. Minivans really don't do corners like Honda Civics. :) We really do like our new mini van and know it's a blessing from God that we were able to get it. The man that sold it to us not only gave us a great price, but had a buyer for my little Civic. It was a win-win situation!
I didn't label the pics with the boys'll just have to guess! :)

One Month Picture Day

Before we went for 1 month pictures...and it was a waste of money because this is exactly what they did: After the pictures, this is what they did:

Josiah at 5 weeks

Jonathan at 5 weeks

Josiah and Grandpa take a nap.

It's not my fault...

Today I was going to be a good blogger and add photos, but for some reason photos don't want to upload for me today. :( I have them on my computer and ready to post, but blogger is being uncooperative. Sorry. I'll try again later, but now it's time for a quick nap before feeding time (theirs, not mine). :)

As far as a quick update, I'm on no restrictions now, my blood pressure is getting under control and I'm down to 1/2 pill once a day. The doctor said I can keep weaning myself off - so I'm hoping to be off the meds completely in a week or so. Jonathan and Josiah are doing well. They are growing and changing every day! Jonathan is starting to purposefully smile, and Josiah is almost there, too! It's definitely a challenge being parents of twins, but completely worth it! I just couldn't imagine one without the other. What an incredible experience!

I promise to attempt to post pics again soon...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

More friends!

I'd like to think that my creative abilities and adorable babies have inspired my friends to create blogs of their own. However, it's more likely that they realized that it's a great way to keep friends and family updated on their lives (as we found out from our friends). Regardless, I've added two more friends' sites to our sidebar:

Tara and Jim: Tara and I met when we were in high school through a leadership conference. We became fast friends, and have been able to keep up with each other off an on throughout the years. We're in an "on again" stage now, and with this electronic world we live in we'll be able to continue to keep in touch!

Misey and Ben: Misey and I met in college and were roommates for a year. She also has a set of twins - fraternal. When I was pregnant with Jonathan and Josiah I would often think of her and realize that if she could carry twins (we're about the same height), then I could do it, too! She's still in IA and has three kids.

You may be wondering (or you may not be) why the sudden increase in friends. Well, while I was taking it easy at the end of my pregnancy, I spent some time looking up friends I hadn't been in touch with and trying old e-mail addresses to see who I could find. It worked!! It's been a lot of fun catching up with friends from high school and college. Thanks friends!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Friends on the Side(bar)

I was adding more friends to the list of links on the sidebar of the blog and I realized that I haven't really explained who they all are. So here's a little info about our friends...

Patrice and Martin: Patrice is a friend of ours from CA. She and Mark worked together at The JESUS Film Project, and she was one of the responsible parties for the elaborate set-up which led to Mark and I meeting. She married Martin this past April and moved to the Isle of Wight. Patrice rescued George, and then we adopted him from her when she moved overseas.

Newton News: Jesseca and I went to college together at the U of Iowa. She is the other half of the aforementioned "responsible parties" in the previous paragraph. She's married to Buck - they also met in CA, but moved to IA by her family. They have three adorable kids!

Mo-N-Alisa: Mo and Alisa are also friends we met in CA. They moved from the west coast to the east coast, near her family. (Well, most of them.) Mo and Alisa have one cutie pie son, who is technically Mo IV, but we just call him Isaac.

Ryan and Amy: Ryan and Amy are friends that we met here through our church Bible Study. Amy is a former Iowan also. (Many of our Bible Study have Iowa ties.) They have a beautiful little girl, Macy Jane.

Clan McNutt: These are our friends Andrew and Christine. We also met them in our Bible Study here. Andrew spent some of his growing up years in Iowa, and still has family back there. He also happens to be a Hawkeye fan which automatically puts him on our good list. They started their blog, but maintenance has been an issue...

Annie: Annie is another friend from CA. She and Patrice were roommates in CA before they both decided to move overseas independently of each other. She's one of those few native Californians that you meet every once in a while.

Brandon and Jenniffer: They are friends of mine from college. I met Jenniffer as a freshman, since she was the roommate of a friend who I also had mutual friends with (i.e. it was inevitable that we'd meet through someone in our circles). They were both a part of the HMB (Hawkeye Marching Band) when I was, and Brandon is a fellow former Tone. They are also world travelers - having just returned from time living in Ireland.

Chegwiddens: Anne is someone I've known for the longest, but haven't been in contact with for 20+ years. We were neighbors in Illinois as kids until we moved to Iowa when I was in first grade. She recently looked up our family and found all of us! We've been catching up with each other over the past few months. She is married to Matt, and they have two cute kids, Stella and Max.

Isaac Family: Heather and Roby are friends from CA. They also moved from the west coast to the east. Heather's cubicle was behind Jesseca's at the office where they, Mark, Patrice, Mo, Alisa, Annie, and I worked together. They have one handsome little guy - Owen.

So that's the scoop on the links...I'll try to remember to add this type of info when I add friends to the list. In the meantime, visit our friends' blogs and you may gain some insight into our lives through those we associate with. :)