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Friday, September 30, 2005

I'm not crazy! (and if I am, I have company)

There's good news and bad news...but all good news for me. I haven't had any more dizzy spells for almost a full week. I have been thinking that maybe it's going away. Then tonight Mark said that he got the same symptoms while he was at work. When he got them, he told a nurse and she said that she's been having them for about a week now. I think we're all allergic to the hospital! So, even if I am going nuts, I'm not alone! :)

Friday, September 23, 2005

Princess is not a feeling...Dizzy is

The other day I wasn't feeling so well. The aforementioned tiara was sitting at the bedside, and as I looked at it I told Mark that I didn't feel like a princess. His response was that Princess is not a feeling. That's a nice thought.

Today I've been feeling dizzy. Dizzy is a feeling. I went to a doctor today and he had me take a hearing test in a sound-proof booth. The good news is that my hearing is fine! Yea! The other news is that it is an inner ear thing, and the dizziness can be relieved with small doses of Valium. I couldn't do anything after taking Valium anyway, but at least I could do nothing and not be dizzy.

Well, at least I now have an excuse for my dizziness! :)

Monday, September 19, 2005

Payton (honorary member of the House of Chang)

This is Payton.
Payton is my cousin and Godson. He is 3 years old now and has been with us for almost 2 1/2 of those years. My uncle and aunt adopted him from Korea, so he holds a special place in my heart. And why wouldn't he - look how adorable he is! On that side of the family, we've had only boys born (or adopted) over the past 10 years. It makes family gatherings very interesting and fast-paced when they're all together! We miss all of our family that is spread out around the country. We're so blessed to have lots of family around us out here! But we still miss Payton.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

House of Chang

This is the House of Chang.

This is the backyard of the House of Chang. The picture was taken right after our landscaping was finished. (Hence, the sprinklers going in the middle of the day.) We're very happy with the way it turned out. Unfortunately, some of the plants weren't happy with us (or maybe it was the monsoons.) We actually have two more trees that you can't see in this picture, and the firepit is on the other side of the planters, which is a bench on the opposite side.

We don't have any recent pictures of the house from the front. From the back you can see the cut-out for the entertainment center in the great room (on the right), the kitchen window and sliding glass doors. The upstairs two windows are extra bedrooms. We are so blessed to have this home and are looking forward to visitors now that the weather is reaching a tolerable temperature. :)

Also, don't forget about Spring Training. There are multiple teams that practice here in the Valley, and we're hoping to actually get to some of those games this next year! Having company would help us to make those dreams come true. Well, it would encourage us to get there, anyway.